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Gifts and Proactive Wellness Packages

The Gift of Mental Clarity

This gift card allows you one session of an Access Consciousness Bars experience. This gentle session helps create mental clarity, unwind the busy monkey brain and create more Zen for you.

The Gift of Wellness

This gift card allows you one Transformation in Progress session. This is a gentle healing that can help reduce stress, manage physical pain, help heal emotional pain, and overall create a balanced you. Holy Fire Reiki and Golden, Source energy is utilized during this session

The Gift of Transformation in Progress WITH Divine Healing Codes!

This gift is good for one Divine Healing Codes session. This is deep and specific healing that combines divine healing codes with Reiki!
This session is in person.

The Gift of Wellness AND Mental Clarity

This gift is good for one 90 minute combo session! This session combines Holy Fire Reiki, Golden, Source energy and Access Consciousness Bars for mental clarity, relaxation, peace and overall wellness.

Buy Three 90 minute Combo Sessions and GET ONE FREE!

This package is valued at $576. It allows you FOUR 90 minute combo sessions which includes Access Consciousness BARS and Christ energy healing.

Buy 5 BARS sessions get 1 FREE!

With this 6 package BARS session you are committing to self care and unlocking limiting beliefs, bad habits and discovering what you really know as we off load all the energy limiting you.

Buy 4 Transformation in Progress Sessions and GET ONE FREE!

This amazing deal is valued at $555! It allows you 5 one hour Transformation in Progress sessions which is a powerful energy healing channeling Christ energy. It will support your spiritual journey, help reduce stress, anxiety, help manage physical pain and remove trauma from the body.

REMOTE Healing- Buy 4 Get ONE FREE!

This package is great for anyone that would like to experience Christ energy healing from the comfort of their own home. This package allows you FIVE 1 hour sessions and is valued at $555.00.

3 Pet Energy Healing Sessions -Save 10%

Pets can benefit from energy healing too! This package gives you 3 Pet Healing sessions all done remotely from the comfort of your home!
Save 10% with this package.

Kids Energy Healing 3 Half Hour sessions -20% off!

Kids are little sponges. They take on everything they see, deal 12and hear and get overwhelmed easily. They don’t understand what’s happening and need extra support.
With this package you will receive 3 half hour, in person, energy healing sessions that will help them physically, emotionally and spiritually be their best.
This can be IN PERSON or REMOTE please tell me which in the notes.
20% savings