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Premium Student Success Program

Virtual Student Career Consultation

This is the Basic Career Direct Assessment and one highly individualized consultation focused on your predominant personality features, top 8 vocational interests, strongest natural skills and your work/life values. This process of self-discovery equips you to define your inspired mission so that you can move forward with confidence as you pursue your dreams.

Session(s) will occur via Zoom.com

Premium Virtual 6 Step College Success Package ($1,079 value)

Your Premium College Success Planning Package includes:
Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation
Step 2: Career Direct Assessment and Consultation
Step 3: Guided Action Plan Session
Step 4: Develop Your Network
Step 5: 3 Virtual Annual Check-In Sessions
Step 6: Interview Prep and Re-assessment at Graduation
+ 1 free 30 minute virtual Post Consultation Follow-Up to use when needed.

After purchasing this package, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your sessions. Or, you may schedule your sessions using this link. https://stacyknox.as.me/VirtualStudentSuccess

Client will receive email reminders to schedule annual sessions. Expires 4 years (1460 days) from the date of purchase. Transferable within same family. No refunds. All sessions will occur via Zoom.com.