Tranquil Waters Float


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Gift of Float - 60 Minute Float Session

Enjoy a 60 minute float session to relax, unplug, and let go.
The mind and body are free to experience deep relaxation.

Couples Special - Two 20 minutes Hydromassage and Two 60 minutes Float Session

Enjoy a float and hydromassage with someone that also needs to unplug or give to two of your favorite people who needs to unwind from the everyday world.
*** Please note that both floats have to be scheduled together **

20 Minutes Hydromassage with 60 Minute Float Session

Enjoy 20 minutes of the hydromassage and 60 minutes float session. The hydromassage can help with muscle soreness and tension prior to your float or after your float and the float session can relieve you both physically and mentally. It's 60 minutes of tranquillity.

Beginner's 3 Float Special

Enjoy three 60 minute floats and deepen your float experience. You'll unplug, let go, and relax to achieve the balance and mindfulness you've been looking for.

Four 60 minutes Float Sessions


Purchase four floats for $240.
You can share it or keep it for yourself.
Unplug-Let Go-and Relax