Julie Geigle, Heaven Sent Healing


Lightworker's Academy LIFETIME ACCESS

This is an annual 10-week program that meets weekly and is designed to help men and women on a spiritual journey who want to show up in a bigger and brighter way to serve humanity and assist in the transition into the Golden Age.

Spiritual Psychic Medium Reading GIFT CERTIFICATE

This gift certificate includes a free 15 min psychic reading. You can either attach that to this session or use it for a follow-up or keep it one and give one away.

*Are you ready for more?
*Ready to have a clearer picture of your future and where your life is headed?
*Ready to heal & release the past so you can move forward and create a life full of passion and purpose?
This is where everyone begins. This session includes a psychic reading, medium reading, spiritual counseling, and wellness coaching.

This session is designed so we can take our time to get to know each other and delve deeper into your life and any blocks that may be preventing you.

Download: Your Happy Head: Addictions, Clearing Negative Energy & ADHD

Join Julie on a relaxing journey to reprogram your mind for optimal health and well-being. This is a medical hypnotherapy script designed to eradicate addictions, clear out negative energy and restore focus and concentration particularly helpful for those suffering with ADHD.


*Buy 1 Get 1 Free. *

Available as CD until supplies run out.
1. Attracting Love (1)
2. Blueprint for Business Success (1)
3. Improve Learning (1)
4. Peace of Mind for Children (2)
5. Manifesting Miracles (3)
6. Master Golf (2)
7. Migraine Relief (2)
8. Motivation Mania (2)
9. Sound & Restful Sleep (3)
10. Sports Achievement (3)
11. FREE - Pre & Post Surgery (3)

Available as Downloads
1. Wealth & Abundance
2. Attracting Love
3. Creating Healthy Boundaries
4. Your Happy Head (good for addictions, clearing negative energy & Adhd)
5. Headache & Migraine Relief
6. Immune System
7. Pain Management
8. Smoke-Free
9. Sound & Restful Sleep
10. Blueprint 4 Business Success
11. Healthy Eating
12. Slim Trim U

Hypnotherapy - Smoke Free Program

This is a very effective stop smoking program which includes 2 sessions. The first session is in person, phone or skype and the second session is phone or skype only. *This program also comes with a FREE PASS. If for whatever reason you begin smoking again you can come back for a FREE REFRESHER session to get you back on track. There is no expiration date on this FREE PASS.

Past Life Regression Session

Past life regression allows a person to heal and clear any trauma from a past life that may be interfering with a person's Divine life mission or well being in this lifetime. PLR is very healing and transformative.

Download: Peace of Mind: Releasing Fears & Phobias

Join Julie on a relaxing journey to release your fears and phobias and restore your peace of mind with hypnosis. This is a medical hypnotherapy script designed to alleviate anxiety and depression.

28 Day Meditation Challenge

Congratulations! Whether you have never meditated or are a seasoned meditator we are excited to help you on your journey to serenity where everything is perfect exactly as it is. There are numerous benefits to meditation and whether you meditate once a week or daily a regular, consistent meditation practice may help you...

* lose weight
* improve quality of life
* change perception
* experience random feelings of bliss
* lower blood pressure
* reduce stress
* increase connection to spirit
* bring more calm and peace into your world