Conscious Conversations

per month
A 121 private video message exchange, following the guidelines below and the T&Cs found on my website (www.emmabrooke.net/terms-conditions). This is, in essence, like having a spiritual running buddy or coach for conscious conversations, on retainer. Please read the guidelines below and make sure you are in alignment with them before proceeding.

All messages take place via the free app Telegram (very similar to Whatsapp). Please assume that these apps offer a NON-ENCRYPTED service (they do state they is encrypted but I have no control over this). Please check out the T&Cs on my website (www.emmabrooke.net/terms-conditions) for more info.

Take a few moments to centre yourself and suspend your judgement before sending or receiving a message. This is a sacred connection and we will benefit more from this presence.

You are welcome to share anything that you feel called to share with me, including (but definitely not limited to): gratitude, causes for celebration, feeling triggered, moving through difficult emotions or situations, anything that’s troubling you, anything that you’re particularly loving, aspects of yourself you’d like to develop etc

At the beginning of each message, state if the message is particularly vulnerable for you (see guidelines below), if it’s responding to previous questions, sharing a celebration or gratitude or something else. This gives me an idea of the energy in the message and will allow me to ensure I am in the appropriate place (physically and emotionally) to receive you fully.

Keep messages to less than five minutes long if you can; any more than this and it’s hard to keep track of the different points and energies that may be raised and to respond to them all with presence.

There is no hierarchy in this connection, only the Truth of our own understanding. We honour and learn from each other by consciously sharing what feels true for us at the time, and having that reflected back. You will be invited to reflect on certain things, but it is always your choice to engage with this energy.

There is no pressure to watch or respond to messages on either side within traditional time constraints. Use your intuition to ensure you’re sharing and receiving in a way that feels good for you so that you are able to show up fully. If one of us is going to be unable to receive or share messages for more than 48hrs, please send a short message letting the other person know.

Vulnerable Share Guidelines:

First share a gratitude
Share what you desire to express (consciously and with awareness around how you are using your words and projecting your energy)
Take a moment to drop into intuition and then share what the *highest* Truth about that is (God's (replace with what feels good for you) perspective)
Let me clearly know how I can support you (that might be prayer, witnessing, sending you a love-filled private message, sharing insights with you, asking you powerful questions, etc.)