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Psychic Development Workshops

Psychic Development (Level 1, II, III) SAVE 25%!

Complete Psychic Development Program, beginning with Psychic Development on June 10th.

This option is for purchasing all 3 levels, each a 9 week program in itself.

This option saves you $270 by purchasing all at once.

Psychic Development Level I (9 week course)

Psychic Development (Level I)
begins June 10th.

This is a 9-week course. This course is part 1 of 3. However, this can be taken as a standalone workshop.

Class will meet via phone, once per week. If you miss class, you’ll receive notes and a recording.

You’ll learn a new tool every week, and you’ll practice giving mini-readings with your fellow students each week in class. There will be an optional reading lab every week, where you’ll get the extra opportunity to practice your reading and healing skills every week with your fellow students.

Cost: $360. (Payment plans are available. E-mail at akriech@akriechintuitive if you need this option.)

If you want to take the entire 3-part program, you’ll receive a 25% discount if you pay in full. ($810, a savings a $270!)