Gift Vouchers

1hr Reiki Healing

The gift of healing, time and space is what you are giving with this beautiful one hour experience.
Your recipient can will receive Reiki and intuitive channeled guidance for whatever they need at the time of their appointment.
Includes oracle card reading and supportive essential oil experience tailored to the person.

30min Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is deeply relaxing and helps to re-balance the entire body, mind and spirit.
Each healing includes oracle card reading and essential oil supportive therapy.
This is a beautiful introduction for those who are time poor or who are new to reiki.

90min Relaxation Healing and Massage

This is the perfect gift of relaxation and healing treatment.
The recipient will be cocooned in nurturing and taken on a healing journey into stillness.
Using sound frequency and quantum frequency healing with Healy, and guided meditation, to begin the process of deep relaxation.
This treatment is tailored for each person, and will include intuitive channeled healing, gentle massage, chakra balancing.

Online Course: Understanding Energy, a guide to connecting

This is a powerful course of self discovery and stepping into a place of what can only be described as "remembering" .
For the truth is, your soul already knows, it is your conscious mind that has forgotten.
Seven weeks of healing, meditation, releasing and receiving.
Each week you will receive a new video to watch and practice with.
Learn about your guides, your energy field and bodies, chakras, and how to heal yourself.
To access course: the recipient will need to message me and I will set up weekly emails from 1 January 2021.
email: belle@thebelleflowersclinic.com.au to get started

60min Aromatherapy Massage (Aromatouch)

Enjoy a 60min Aromatherapy "Aromatouch" massage
Aromatouch is gentle, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. A perfect gift for anyone who needs to deeply rest and relax.
This treatment is done in complete silence apart from healing frequency music in the background.
It is gentle, non invasive and will re-set frayed nerves, busy minds and un-settetled spirits.