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9-Days of Coherence • Self-Guided

9-Days of Coherence is a powerful starting point! And, it is the tip of the iceberg to step inside the walls and mind of Tricia Murray & Coherent U.


It offers Solos and Micros at multiple stages of their journey, an inside look at the power of tuning in, syncing up and amplifying different perspectives on business, marketing & beyond.

If you are:

• A Solopreneur who's not creating more in your business, spending too much time working 'on' the business, or feel a distinct lack of clarity around your endgame, game plan or playbook...

• A Micro Business owner (<5 employees) in the 'business of helping others make changes that create more meaning' and you're standing at the edge of hiring a full-time/full-service marketing resource...


IF you're ready to reach beyond to find a different way of integrating business & beyond, then the 9-Days of Coherence is a perfect place to start to explore some of MY WAY.

As much as I can, within this 'self-guided' experience I connect you to more through:

• Nine 'daily' audio segments, each about 8-10 minutes long
• Key thought-starters that redefine, reframe and recalibrate a Solo-Owned business, marketing and beyond
• Three daily 'mantras' that take the daily audio and the thoughts and coherence in a different direction ( a more Coherent U (you) direction)


• A 20-minute power call with me (valid for 30 days after receiving access to this series).

*Note: You'll receive two emails - one confirmation of your request and the second with details for how to access the 9-Days, companion eGuide and more.

See more, from the other side of 9-Days of Coherence ;)

Your Time-Energy-Money Triangle | Is it top-down OR bottom-up? • Self-Guided

Your Time-Energy-Money it top-down or bottom-up?

If you are:

• FEELING downward pressure on your ability to make money.
• EXPERIENCING the FOMO, the need to do a(nother) BOGO
• AWAKE at 3am and the hamster just won't calm down and go to sleep.
• LOSING sight of your Endgame or trying to create more with the No-Plan-Plan or a Plan A, B or C that amounts to doing more

These are just a few indicators that you're working from the top-down and your time and energy MAY need to be recalibrated.

And if you're ready to reach beyond and find a different way of integrating business & beyond, this is one tool from my toolbox that gives you a pretty good sense of my what, who and how.

You'll receive:

• One, 30-minute video segment
• A companion worksheet, that helps you 'see it to shift it'
• Access to a couple of other next steps if you find this resonating for you.


*Note: You'll receive two emails:

- one confirmation of your request and the second with details for how to access the Time-Energy-Money Triangle.

I'll reach back in a few days to see if you need anything else, otherwise please feel free to 'reach' first at: