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One-to-One Coherence Packages

Laser-Focused 3-Pack (Coherence 1:1)

The laser-focused 3-Pack is a trifecta, a trilogy, or the trinity 'power' pack LOL!

THREE hours of co-creating coherence in targeted, intentional series of three, 1:1 engagements with me!

You can use ALL at once if you really want to dig into the business or in 20-, 40-minute increments

*If you feel more time is warranted, connect with me directly once you have your 3-Pack code

**Need more than 3 hours? Connect with me about a small business, custom consulting package.

How have others used these?

• Working with some aspect of my C360 System; the A-Zs of creating coherent changes, inside your business dimension of life (and for past clients obviously...beyond the business as well)

• Realigning one aspect of the Relationship Triangle - the business, life as the owner or the customer relationship

• Triaging an unruly to-do list based on what will coherently create the experience of more - for you, in the business, for your customers AND beyond!

Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with all details for accessing my schedule and finding mutually-aligned dates/times.

Note: The code is valid for 6-months from the day of purchase. All prices are in CAD and exclude applicable taxes.