30 Days to Inner Peace


6-Pack Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

This 6-pack is good for Private Hypnotherapy Sessions with Danie

*Six 50-minute sessions

As a BONUS for choosing your best self, you will also receive:
*Three - 30 minute coaching sessions
*Personalized Hypnosis Download

Life on Purpose Coaching Program

$250.00 initial setup plus $750.00 per month for 3 months ($2500.00 total)
If you are ready to step into the driver seat of your life, then my 4-month Life on Purpose Coaching program is for you. Learn what is important to you and experience an even better connection to self.

This is the most powerful form of coaching and produces the quickest and best results. One -on-one coaching is personalized just for you!

* 8 (eight) 90-minute coaching sessions
*Blueprint for Life
*24/7 Voxer and email support
*Personalized Guided Meditation Download