*Acting Coaching Packages - 3 Sessions

Getting Started Package - 3 Sessions

These fun and informative sessions will get you started in the world of acting. Included in this package are 3 one hour sessions where we will explore the craft of acting and also the business of acting—how the industry works, how to get auditions and much more.

Auditioning for Film - 3 Sessions

These customized coaching sessions will teach you everything you need to know about auditioning for film as well as experience with film, television and commercial scripts.

Monologue Package 3 Sessions

Need a monologue for your auditions? Get 3 customized monologue coaching sessions as well as help choosing the monologue that is right for you.

*Kids & Teens Coaching Packages - 3 Sessions

Coaching for Kids & Teens - 3 Sessions

3 60 minute coaching sessions for kids & teens

*Voice Over Coaching Packages - 3 Sessions

Voice Over - 3 Sessions


Business/Professional Development Coaching Packages - 3 Pack Sessions

Creative Facilitation for Zoom

3 60 minutes sessions on Creative Zoom (video conferencing) Facilitation

Media Training, Video Conferencing, Virtual Presenting - 3 Coaching Sessions

If you know what you want to work on specifically or want to use this for audition prep then this is for you.

Career/Business Coaching 3 Sessions

3 - 60 minute sessions for Career/Business/Communication Coaching

Public Speaking and Virtual Presenting - 3 Sessions

3 60 minute Public Speaking or Virtual Presenting sessions