Brian 15-4's December workouts

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Brian 15-4's team Strength & Conditioning

Rodrigo's 17-2s December workouts

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Training sessions for Rodrigo's 17-2s

Sports Nutrition Basics for Parents - How to feed your youth athlete

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Thursday, November 30th 7pm
Location - 1RM Performance 11211 Sorrento Valley road Suite D 92121

Make-up sessions ($30)

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Kelly's 14-2's Team workouts (November, December, and January)

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Wednesday workouts November 29th, December 6th/13th, and January 3rd/10th/17th/24th/31st

Amanda's 13s - Team workouts (December)

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Workouts for December - Amanda's 13-1s

Said 15's - Coast Performance Team Sessions (December)

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Team training sessions in December