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Group Class Gift Certificate

Want to have fun learning to dance in a social group class?! This certificate is for you! We have a ton of fun learning together and get to know other couples at the same time!
Email us for class schedules or check our upcoming events page to see what's coming up soon!

"My Husband and I have been taking lessons at Social Style Dance for almost a year now. We really liked the idea of this being a "Date Night" for us and we have really enjoyed working with Erin. Social Style Dance has a relaxed atmosphere that really caters to anyone who is "nervous" or "shy" about dancing. Lets face it, we are not all born to dance and it can feel awkward to get out and try something that can seem intimidating. We have met many other great couples and really enjoy going to the Social Dances that Erin holds so we can actually put what we learn into action. We highly recommend Social Style Dance!" - Joanne

$50 Gift Certificate

"I've tried the chain-type dance studios before, and had the absolute, worst experience of my life with them!! When I came to Erin, she could not be more understanding of your budget needs, or experience level. Highly recommend taking lessons here!" - Eric

$100.00 Gift Certificate

"I bought a certificate for my boyfriend for a Christmas gift so we could try a new and unique experience together! We had a blast, were easily hooked by Erin's amazing skills and fun personality, and keep coming back for more! Not only is it fun and different experience but it brings my boyfriend and I closer together, especially when we can show off our dance moves in public! Erin really is knowledgeable and makes it fun and easy to learn! :) " - Angie

$250 Gift Certificate

"'Best Christmas Present!' is what my wife called the lessons I purchased for Christmas last year. Six months later we are still coming to Erin because it is so much fun. We have learned so much in such a short amount of time it is amazing. Erin is an outstanding teacher, the social dances she hosts are a ton of fun, and this has become our "date night". I look forward to my next dance lesson." - David **They are still here 2 years later!**

$500 Gift Certificate

"Carol and I have been taking private dance lessons with Erin for almost 2 years now, and I have to say it's been a blast! She knows how to balance the amount of instruction with her entertaining style to make it a pleasurable experience for each couple. Erin is one of our favorite people to spend time with, is very professional and positive. We even hired her to come and teach Salsa lessons at a Cinco De Mayo party we had, and everyone one had a wonderful time. This is an excellent way to spend time with the one you love (think date night), and what woman doesn't like to dance? If you are considering learning how to dance, we highly recommend Social Style Dance." - Charles

$1000 Gift Certificate

"Erin is an amazing dance teacher! My husband and I had so much fun with her during our pre-wedding dance lessons. She customized our routine for us, taught us new steps, and showed us patience and fun. I loved that she offered to have a separate lesson with just me in my wedding dress to see how it moved. It was because of that lesson that we realized my bustle needed to be brought up! Erin rocks and we definitely recommend her!" - Rachael