Conscious Creation Consulting

Sacred Creation Space - Monthly Group Meditation (cancel any time)

per month

This is a monthly self care journey of connection and discovery in a healing and magical journey of the soul.

Create sacred space for calling in the life that wants to be born, for learning manifestation, mindfulness and healing energy tools, for diffusing stress and fostering well being.

By signing up you are automatically registered monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

The investment is made very affordable on purpose, so that everyone can benefit, but the results are PRICELESS, and life lasting.

The benefits of this very unique guided class are profoundly healing and virtually indescribable. Students report signs of awakening to a heightened awareness and well being never before experienced, as well as physical results such as increased abundance and even pregnancy. As students do the deeper spiritual work to shed layers of what is blocking them at the emotional, mental, spiritual levels - positive results are guaranteed.

CLASS MEETS IN OUR SPARKLY SPIRIT ROOM THE LAST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH @NOON PST. Dial in link will be emailed to you the Monday before Tuesday's class.

Calls are speaker only and carefully guided, so you can be anonymous, and receive. Here you get to just BE. If you cannot make it live, all calls will be recorded and available for one month until the next session is posted.

Each month you have an opportunity to email me your private requests and intentions (what you want to let go of and what you want to receive) which I then build into the meditation for you personally, anonymously, creatively. Please email consciousconceptionmail (at) gmail.com for this personal added touch to your meditation experience.

My only request is that you show up fully for yourself, and that means that you are present for the calls and do all of the soul honoring suggestions to the best of your ability.

It can only make your journey that much more rewarding!

3 Month Private Coaching - INSTALLMENT PLAN

per month for 3 months ($2175.00 total)
This is a 3 month payment plan for VIP private and personalized intuitive energy healing and coaching with Elisabeth for permanent spiritual transformation.

This work is life changing and unprecedented. Results are accelerated with this 'quantum creation' level coach training. You receive my full focus/retainer in our journey together, not only in session but in between, where integration takes place.

Once Monthly Golightly Coaching

1.5 hour monthly sessions are via Zoom, and recorded and placed in a Dropbox folder for your review at any time. (I suggest listening to your recording several times a month if possible - every time you tap in, more layers can release, and the more you receive and discover.)

Although you won't receive all the bonuses that are offered at the more frequent rate, you DO receive:

-Free Digital Download of The Sacred Life of Fertility book
Meditation recordings tailored to your needs
-Monthly access to Live Creation Space Meditation
-Homework and Worksheets as needed to keep you focused
-Email access to me

This is a wonderful way - especially for beginners - to get aligned and STAY aligned. Works really well for those on a budget or who just need light maintenance. Either way, you will feel "lighter," more supported and energetically in tune with your life, self and creations.

SUPER TRAINING VIP: 6 hours in 30 days

This is a special single pay month for sparking and supporting your fertile energy for very focused intensive times in your life.

6 hours however you want to use it.

Let me teach you everything I know.
Practitioners receive private training toward certification.

Unlimited email access. You are my primary priority.

Accelerate your process in whatever the vision. Receive training to focus, and hold powerful intent to create highest outcomes.

This offering is for one month at the same quality level as the three or 6 month VIP packages, with all the goodies that come with it!

6 Month Private Coaching - FULL PAY (Best Value)

Best not only for value but for optimal success.

The impact of this work is unprecended. You would be setting yourself to create the optimal space for fertile energy to activate, integrate and align.

To make it easier for you to decide on "full pay" I am including a juicy BONUS session to use within 6 months of our completion (your responsibility to schedule) ($350 value).

You also receive a great deal of BONUS classes, videos and material, and FREE access to our live BabySpirit sessions while we work together!
($1500 + value)

Private 2 Day Retreat With Elisabeth

This is a special rate for current clients working privately with Elisabeth.

Two very special VIP days with Elisabeth. My full attention is with you.

INCLUDES your own apartment/living space for up to 3 nights (FREE), organic veggie breakfast and lunch are included for 2 days.

6 hours a day with Elisabeth to deep dive into healing, clearing blocks, learning about manifestation and alignment with your highest good. Receive a hands on Reiki /Hands of Light healing journey for an hour.

Also connect into nature, enjoy play, down time, and YOU time.

Thaw out the rigid and rough edges and melt into you again.

How often do we really let ourselves be treated to goodness, kindness, love, and to let ourselves be pampered and cared for?

Time to receive, mama.