MCVO Studio

Zoho-VO CRM Gold Plus

Best package to get started right away!


• Zoho-VO CRM Deployment
• Zoho One annual subscription
• 1 hour consulting

-You will be set up to use the Zoho One app subscription (more at one.zoho.com) for one year.

-Deployment of voiceover CRM with features such as:

*Custom fields/data points tailored to the voiceover industry
*Tracking of broadcast conflicts, markets and usage
*Automatic creation of invoices after entering basic details in CRM
*Automatic reminders for overdue invoices
*Detailed classification of your voiceover clients and agents
*Templates for quickly emailing work to freelance audio editors
*Automatic reminders to record for projects and to follow through on invoicing
*Reminder system for checking in with clients, prospects and agents

Zoho-VO CRM Bronze


•ZOHO-VO CRM deployment only

Purchase this to have Matt install the ZOHO-VO CRM on your Zoho platform.


-Zoho CRM Enterprise edition is required (available via Zoho One subscription)
-Your edition must not have any existing customization
-Support after setup should be requested with Zoho Customer Care or a separate consultation session booked with Matt (see Silver & Gold packages or book stand alone consulting time)

Zoho-VO CRM Silver


• Zoho-VO CRM deployment
• 1 hour of CRM consulting time

Unless you already have extensive experience with client relationship management systems or are quite tech-savvy, you may want to opt for this package.

In addition to the deployment of your custom Zoho CRM system designed for managing your voiceover career, you will get a one hour Skype consultation with Matt to take you through the new setup and answer any questions you might have.

It's recommended that you spend some time reviewing your CRM beforehand so you can prepare some questions and get the most out of your session.


-Zoho CRM Enterprise edition is required (available within the Zoho One subscription)
-Your edition must not have any existing customization