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(30) Day Therapeutic Text Support

30 days of therapeutic text support for:
- Those with busy schedules or scheduling conflicts
- Individuals on-the-go but wanting support + guidance
- Individuals wanting to continue therapy without having to book
- Those needing less commitment + more independence

- Text as much or little as you desire.
- Ask Amy for guidance on the spot.
- Have a trained professional right at your fingertips.
- Work through triggers in the moment they happen.
- Have an on-the-go support system wherever you are.

*Amy will respond promptly during business hours (9 am - 7 pm (ET)). You will always receive a response within 24 hours. Days are counted, not texts! Package begins the day of purchase and will expire 30 days from that date.

PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR CONTACT PHONE NUMBER AT CHECKOUT. AMY WILL TEXT YOU ONCE PURCHASE IS CONFIRMED SO YOU HAVE HER NUMBER. **International clients: choose between Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM and leave that URL or IG name in the notes at checkout.