Annmarie Lord

Gift Voucher

$ AUD80.00
This Voucher can be used as part payment thereof any other service supplied by Annmarie.

Gift vouchers

Gift Voucher 1hour Reading

$ AUD150.00
This Voucher can be redeemed for readings Face to Face Skype/ Phone or email

Reiki Healing 1hour

$ AUD150.00
This Voucher can be used as full payment for service of the same price or part payment thereof any other service supplied by Annmarie.

Master classes

Coaching & Mentorship Master Class

$ AUD39.99
$ AUD10.00 initial setup plus $ AUD39.99 per month
The Coaching and Mentoring Master Class program is an affordable monthly subscription to a coaching masterclass via webinar. The program is all about change, assisting you to become the best "you" possible. If you are wanting success in business or have a more productive focused life, in health, wealth or relationships, then this is the package for you. I will assist you in refocusing on your dreams and achieving them. This is an interactive program for maximum success.

One Question readings

One Question Reading

$ AUD50.00
One question answers
This is where you can email Annmarie one question or request information around a specific area of your life you would like some guidance in.
Annmarie will meditate upon your question, get some insight into your area of choice, then email you your answer on the next following Friday after request.
She will also consult her Angel Tarot cards for confirmation.
This can be done for people all around the world.

Reiki 3 ppl 3

Reiki 3 PPL 3

$ AUD280.00
per month for 5 months ($ AUD1400.00 total)
Thank you for choosing to strengthen your Reiki journey with Reiki master Annmarie Lord.
By signing up to Reiki 3 workshop, you will not only enhance your own life however also that of your clients.
If you choose to grow your business investing this time and total commitment into your life will render rewards both financially and emotionally.

Reiki Healing sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions

$ AUD400.00
Reiki is a hands-on healing modality used to relieve stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and harmony.
Purchase all 4 Reiki sessions and save $100.
All sessions must be paid for before booking.
You will be generated a code where you can book yourself in or contact Annmarie to book a place.

Reiki master class

Reiki Master Class Silver

$ AUD29.99
per month
Silver Reiki Master Class
valued at $4,500 year
you pay $360 year
Monthly $29,99
Monthly private webinars
Re-Runs of webinars
Q&A section in the webinar
Reiki Healing Circle 3x year in Perth
Personal motivational monthly email
Private members only Facebook page