Selectively Social

The 2 week Selecetively Social program was created to help Entrepreneurs slay live streaming and social media. This one-on-one coaching program helps Entrepreneurs overcome the fustrations associated with content creation, planning and engaging on social media platforms. You’ll learn how to:

•Create a visual identity for your brand
•Collaborate with other brands & influencers
•Increase brand awareness
•Increase brand visibility
•Use social media groups and platforms to market your business

Build Your Brand

The Build Your Brand 4 week intensive was created for aspiring Entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their idea or side hustle into a profitable business.

This one-on-one coaching program focuses on Branding, Marketing and Operations (The BMO Model ) and will provide the accountability & support to set transformational goals and put a powerful plan into action, by getting crystal clear on your product or service idea and its unique value and promise. During our weekly calls and email check-ins you’ll:

•Create new beliefs that support your ultimate vision
•Define the core elements of your brand
•Define your differentiating values
•Identify your ideal client
•Define offline and online marketing strategies
•Identify and implement the best systems to automate your business