Carl Seaver International Psychic and Medium


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1-on-1 Private Session (Gift Certificate)

You are about to purchase a Gift Certificate that is redeemable for one 30 minute Private Reading with Carl. During your time, Carl will determine/assess whether you will have a Psychic Reading or a Mediumship Session, or perhaps you will have a combination of both. During your scheduling process you will have the ability to request a specific type of session, if desired.

2-Party Mediumship Session (Gift Certificate)

This Gift Certificate is redeemable for a 2-party 30 minute Mediumship Reading is for when 2 people wish to join each other in the same Mediumship Session, AND they both wish to connect with the SAME person/people in spirit.
This is specifically designed for family members who wish to connect with the same Loved Ones in The Spirit World