1) Dan Gartenberg PhD, World Renowned Sleep Scientist (150 mins over 3 sessions)

Daniel Gartenberg is a PhD of psychology with a focus on sleep science and is an Adjunct Professor at Penn State. Over three 50 min sessions that will last 4-6 weeks we will delve deep into your unique sleep challenges & demonstrate improvement.

- Three 50min calls remotely
- Connection to top docs & practitioners
- Personalized sleep analysis

Dr. Gartenberg’s work focus is developing a smart bedroom where sound, light, and temperature are used along with various wearables to improve the sleep quality of every human being. His current focus is on a solution for treating insomnia that can reduce conversion to Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Gartenberg and his team received more than $3.5 million in awards from the

2) Anne Trager, Certified Human Potential Coach (150 mins over 6 sessions)

Anne Trager is a Certified Human Potential Coach who resolved her own insomnia with biohacking. She’ll Optimize your sleep over a period of 5 to 6 weeks with Anne Trager

- One 50-minute deep dive session
- Five 20-minute power sessions.
- Intro to the best tools.
- Individualized program.

I’m obsessed with optimizing energy and presence in a quest to lead a fulfilling, well-rounded life. And I have spent literally thousands of hours exploring how to release untapped energy. We’ll develop an action plan with accountability based on top sleep hacks and cutting-edge biohacking techniques to optimize sleep and boost overall energy

3) Teresa DeNike, Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) (90 minutes over 3 sessions)

Teresa DeNike is a certified clinical sleep consultant specializing in reducing snoring and other issues associated with sleep apnea.

- Three 30min virtual meetings 
- Screening for sleep apnea
- Personalized information sent directly to your inbox. 
- Expertise in sleep apnea, sleep hygiene and mindset
- Care coordination with sleep clinicians for testing and treatment (if needed)

Expertise in sleep apnea, sleep hygiene and mindset improvement. Teresa has helped snorers, athletes, biohackers and individuals who have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Depending on your needs and results, Teresa will tailor your program to 4-6 weeks, with the option to chat and check in with her at anytime.

- Check out more about me on Instagram a get quick tips @sleepbetternyc 

5) Sam Sadihighi, Certified in Brief Behavioral Therapy and Advanced CBT for Insomnia (150 mins over 3 sessions)

Sam Sadihighi is sleep consultant certified in brief behavioral therapy techniques for insomnia, with a concentration on working with adults to sleep train their children.

- Three 50min calls remotely
- New baby sleep schedule
- Sleep training tips for parents

Sam works with individuals who have problems falling asleep and staying asleep and parents to help sleep train their babies. Sam is passionate about sleep and was a healthy sleeper until she had children. A chance encounter with a child sleep consultant made her realize that she did not need to suffer in silence from the sleep deprivation she was experiencing. Sam ended up training with sleep expert Dana Obleman and now dedicates her life to helping children and parents sleep. Sam’s sleep program will take you from sleep Worrier to Sleep Warrior in 4-6 weeks. With weekly 1 hour calls and tasks for you to carry out in between calls, you will soon notice the difference in your sleep and your day to day functioning thanks to the use of research and evidence based Cognitive techniques for Insomnia.

6) Melissa Markovitz, wellness coach and pilates instructor specializing in pain management (50 mins over 1 session)

Melissa Markovitz BA is a wellness coach and pilates instructor who specializes in pain management and has solved her own insomnia using cognitive behavioral therapy

After 5 years in a grueling corporate sales environment and suffering from insomnia, Melissa woke up to the importance of getting a regenerative night of sleep. Whether suffering from chronic pain or issues falling asleep and stying asleep, her holistic approach offers a comprehensive accessible solution to build you back to sleeping like you did when you were a kid.