Custard & Bear

Autumn Marketing Refresher 2018


Autumn is a great time to reflect on your year (and your marketing!) so far.

We have four months of the year to make a real impact with our marketing, but as the schools are back and the Christmas choccies are hitting the shelves we often find that we start to get distracted, demoralized and start to wind down for the year end.

But that's crazy - with 90 autumn days ahead of us we can plan and achieve so much.

We'll spend 3 hours looking at your marketing year so far and making sure you have a plan for your autumn marketing; and we may even peek at your 2019 plans.

We'll either work together for one 3 hour session or you can split it into a 2 hour and 1 hour session. My only condition is that you use your hours within 12 weeks.

Don't 'leaf' your marketing to chance this autumn (sorry, couldn't resist it), get booked in and let's get you falling in love with your marketing, Michelle xx

Summer 2018 Mentoring Magic

During Summer 2018 if you would like to block book and pay for 5 hours of mentoring I will offer you a thank you discount! 5 hours at £175 instead of £200.

This is a great way to keep you motivated with your marketing, plan a project or simply finally nail what your 5 marketing habits are!

If you've worked with me before you know how much we achieve in just one hour - but also how QUICKLY that one hour goes, so 5 hours isn't as much as it sounds.

The offer ends on 30 September 2018 as I'm gunning for an Indian Summer!

You can use your hours as you require over the course of 3 months.

NB: My only condition is that we use all of your hours within a 12 week period (a business quarter). Any unused hours will be lost.