Rachel O'Brien, IBCLC

Email/text follow-up subscription (previous clients only, auto-billed weekly)

per week
One of the biggest benefits of having a lactation consultant is having a trusted professional on-call when you have questions or need some extra support. Can you trust Dr. Google with your breastfeeding problems? Probably not, but you CAN trust me!

This subscription is billed weekly and can be cancelled at any time. ALL my clients get 2 weeks of unlimited email/text follow-up after each visit, but if you'd like to keep me on speed dial once your 2 weeks are up, now you can!. This subscription auto-bills weekly so please make sure to cancel it when you no longer need me at your beck & call!

Do remember that my ringer is usually off out of respect for my in-home clients. I respond to all texts and e-mails within 24 hours but usually much sooner.

Pre-Birth/PreAdoption Consult AND In-Home Lactation Consult

If you book a pre-birth/pre-natal visit with me, you get an automatic 10% discount on an in-home lactation visit once baby arrives!

Gift Certificate for Initial Home Visit

What an amazing way to support a new family- purchase them an in-home lactation consult with Rachel!