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The Artist's Spread

If you’ve been creatively stuck or clouded, this spread, inspired by working with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, is a beautiful tool for connecting with your inner artist

The Year Ahead Planning Sesh

New year, new energetic invitations. I've always loved the reset that a new year provides. For the past two years, I've worked with the way the cards lay out the lessons to come in the new year, and I want to share that guidance with you. The Year Ahead Planning Sesh combines the intuitive medicine of tarot with practical planning to map out realistic goals for the new year. Let's make shit happen in 2019!

Email Readings

Email Readings consist of a 3 card spread with a full explanation of how each card applied to you in the present moment, what energy you are being invited to take advantage of, and where you are being invited to reflect. You may ask a question, or give a brief description of something you would like guidance on.