Renèe A. Hughes, Certified Specialist


Become An Aromaspecialist

per month
The Become an Aromaspecialist membership is for those who want to become experts at using essential oils and aromatherapy.

You will receive access to group coaching and WEEKLY private sessions. This membership is ideal for

Essential Oil Lovers
Individuals with chronic challenges
Professionals who want to incorporate responsible aromatherapy into their practice
Professionals who are making and/or selling essential oils

Note: This membership allows you to also schedule 4 wellness box appointments if purchasing from one of our partners.

Payments are final per month and are not refundable. However, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Natural Anxiety Relief Class

This class includes education on 5 particular essential oils that support the relief of anxious moments. You will also learn specific breathing techniques and tapping.

Note: This class is FREE for Aromaspecialist members. Contact us at Support@aromaspecialist to receive the link to the class once you are already a member.

Aromaspecialist Private Sessions

per month
The Aromaspecialist Private Sessions membership is a wellness coaching program focused on aromatherapy.

It is ideal for someone ready to clear the path to becoming unstoppable physically and emotionally. Chronic conditions can make one feel helpless but you CAN fight back and create an amazing life.

Laugh more, love harder and accomplish the more important things.

Clear the path, your LIFE is waiting :)

NOTE: This subscription entitles member to weekly group coaching, one private session per month, and one wellness box private session if you have ordered essential oils through one of our partners.

Aromaspecialist Basic (Group Coaching Only)

per month
The Aromaspecialist Basic membership gives you access to weekly group coaching and access to our secret FB group.

Each week you will learn about different oils and supplements. How to apply them, safety precautions, recipes and how to integrate into your personal health management routine.

Weekly Q&A and support to maximize the benefits of your essential oils and supplements.

This is THE MOST affordable specialized coaching on the market!

NOTE: IF ordering oils or supplements from one of our suppliers this membership also allows you to have one personalized wellness box session. Found here

Annual Discounts

Become An Aromaspecialist Annual Subscription

per year
The annual payment option gets you 3 months FREE! Save almost $300.00 which equals 3 months of free membership when you choose the annual plan.

This is non-refundable however, you may cancel at any time.

Private Sessions Annual Subscription

per year
This annual subscription is offered at a discount that equals 3 months FREE membership.

Make a commitment to yourself to enjoy the coaching for a year. A year of self care, a year of feeling BETTER, LONGER.....Get the coaching you love and need at a steep discount!

This is non-refundable however, you may cancel at any time.

Aromaspecialist Group Coaching Annual Membership

per year
Commit to a year of group coaching and get 1 month FREE

This is non-refundable however, you may cancel at any time.