Renèe A. Hughes, Certified Aromatherapist


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Annual Discounts

Mental Clarity & Emotional Release Program (Paid In Full Discount)

per year
Enjoy Simple Private Sessions, Experience Deep Peace And The Ability To Feel Totally Alive
In the Mental Clarity & Emotional Release program you will enjoy:

A soothing partnership with me as I guide you through each emotionally boosting session
LIVE sessions as well as recorded sessions using our voice messaging system
Coaching that feels like a spa for your brain and soul
Step by step guidance as you discover what needs to be released during each session
UNLIMITED access so that you can experience “tune-ups” between sessions keeping you in a state of balance, peace and clarity
A safe space for you to get deeply connected to yourself and your loved ones. You will get consistent support for emotional growth and mental clarity as you remove negative habits and thinking patterns

This covers you for a full 12 months of coaching as well as the bonus bundle