Holistic Check-In (30 minute )

$ AUD88.00
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Holistic Check-In is a 30 minute introductory consultation for first time clients where we explore your main concerns about your teeth and gums and how they connect to your whole body health and wellbeing.
I'll give you an overview of the main holistic strategies that would be appropriate for your situation.
You'll finish the session with a toolkit of practical, natural, teeth healing tactics to get started with right away, and a sense of confidence and enthusiasm for keeping your teeth and gums healthy for life.
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Holistic Family Teeth Check In

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45 minutes family coaching where we can discuss the oral health of all your family members and create a tailormade toolkit of holistic strategies that will meet your needs and suit your lifestyle.
You can become the holistic teeth healer for your household, helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease by tweaking the ingredients you cook with and customising oral self care routines to meet each family member's specific needs.
I empower mothers to take charge of your family's holistic oral health care plan. Together we'll craft a unique strategy that takes into account your dietary requirements, budget and lifestyle.
I'll empower and support you to introduce sustainable changes to your family habits that will help avoid expensive, painful or drugged-up dental procedures that compromise your parenting values.

Personalized Plan

$ AUD288.00
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Develop a practical, personalized plan to stabilize and reverse tooth decay or gum disease, with diet, hygiene and exercise.
Includes two x 60 minute 1:1 online video calls and one month of email support.
Who: Adults with straightforward teeth or gum problems
Why: Develop a plan to address current problems that you can implement independently

Three Months Coaching

$ AUD400.00
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A package of 3  hours of one-to-one coaching and unlimited email support over three months is ideal for turning around chronic problems or ensuring the best possible outcome at every stage of a major dental procedure.
We will develop a practical personalized plan including diet, hygiene and exercise to stabilize and reverse tooth decay or gum disease. We can explore the underlying influences on your oral health including emotional, environmental and ancestral and explore holistic ways to address those.
This package offers effective accountability support, and the opportunity to ask questions as you implement your plan.

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Six Months Coaching

$ AUD888.00
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This six month coaching package will resolve your current teeth and gum issues, support you safely through any dental procedures and bed in sustainable habits to keep your teeth and gum strong and healthy for life.

It includes eight hours of coaching, unlimited email support, and a personalised guided meditation.

Terms and Conditions at http://meliorssimms.com/termsofsale