Injury Recovery Package

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This package is for anyone who has an injury & want’s help & advice on how to speed recovery & regain strength.

The Injury Recovery Package consists of 1, 90 minute Sports Massage & 1, 60 minute Sports Massage for you to redeem throughout your recovery period.

During the first 90minute treatment, we will assess your injury then provide massage techniques that will help speed the recovery process, increase/maintain range of motion, decrease pain & combat any compensation patterns that may be happening in the body due to your injury. You will then be given home care stretches, exercises & self-care advice to continue making improvements a home.
During the second 60minute treatment, will re-assess your injury to see how you have healed over the time between treatments & how you have got on with your home care, we will then again use remedial massage techniques to continue to improve the quality of the soft tissue round the site of injury. We will end the package with a home care plan that includes rehabilitation stretches & strengthening exercises to give you the knowledge on how to improve at home & get your to a state of being injury free!

Your body will thank you for booking this package as it will help you get back to yourself quicker!

By booking this package you save 10% off the full price at of £15.

Maternity Package

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This package is for anyone who is Pregnant or is a new mum who needs some time for the ultimate relaxation.. Massage. While you relax you the while Lily will help to alleviate any of your aches by using remedial techniques, leaving you feeling amazing.

The Maternity Package consists of 2, Bespoke Pregnancy or Post-natal 90min Massages that help relieve aches and pains throughout your pregnancy & after birth.

TurnAround Therapy's Remedial massages help support new mum's throughout postural changes of pregnancy through to their recovery after birth. With guidance on how to have an enjoyable pregnancy without pain.

By booking this package you make a great saving of £20.

Pre & Post Marathon Package

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This package is for anyone training for a full or half marathon who wants to improve their performance for the event & experience the day (& recovery afterwards) with less pain.

The Pre & post Package consists of 2, 60 minutes Sports Massage's for you to redeem before and after your Marathon.

A Pre- Marathon massage helps to address aches and pains brought on by the last push of your training. Allowing you to get in a few more miles before the event.
A Post-Marathon massage helps aid you with your recovery. Its also a great thing to have booked in when your at the event... it might help you push through those last few miles.

By booking this package you make a great saving of £12.

The Sports Package

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This package is for anyone who wants who is dedicated to see an in their chosen sport. Be it to see an improvement in range, or enhancing performance or to help guide you through an injury.

The Sports Package consists of 5, 60 minute Sports Massage's that you can use throughout the year to fit around your life style & goals.

By booking this package you make a saving of £40.