Tri Barefoot Massage


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3/ 60 minute Barefoot Massage Package

3/ 60 minutes Barefoot Massages $270
Regular price per Massage $100

60 Minute Barefoot Massage

Gift Certificate for one 60 Minute Barefoot Massage.

Barefoot Massage Membership

$20.00 initial setup plus $90.00 per month for 6 months ($560.00 total)
Membership includes
-One 60 Minute Barefoot Massage Session per month
-50% any add on with your session
-Prebook any addition sessions in the calendar month receive 10% off those sessions

Sessions roll over monthly, use your 6 sessions how you would like within the 6 month time period. Sessions will expire at the end of the 6 month time period. Can not book after the 6th month period.

Membership does not include gratuity. Can not be shared or transferred to other clients. Can't be combined with any other offers. Office cancelation policy applies. Massages do not roll over outside of membership agreement.

2 hour Barefoot Massage

This Gift Certificate is good for one 2 hour Barefoot Massage.

3/ 2 hour Barefoot Massage Package

3 - 2 hour Barefoot Massage - $480
regular price per massage $170

3/ 90 minute Barefoot Massage

3/ 90 minute massage package for $360
Regular Price per Massage $130

90 Minute Barefoot Massage

This gift certificate is good for one 90 minutes Barefoot Massage.