Raquel Dubois Mind-Body-Mentoring


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SE Coaching for Actors and Performers - 5 sessions

$ AUD955.00

The bigger and richer an actor's container, the better their performance, because there is more depth to draw from. A performer who has a big 'container' to hold their 'self' is said to have "authentic presence" - and audiences are drawn to that.

Regardless of how small the role is, the performance feels substantial, grounded, and full of 'essence'. Consequently, the audience feels more of their essential nature, which invites them to experience healing and transformation through the performance.

In these five sessions, you will explore your inner sensations, motivations, and intentions, as you prepare, execute and complete a performance or interaction. You will develop an enhanced body awareness to convey a wider spectrum of feelings and inner sensations. You will learn how to safely utilise your unique emotional trauma history through breath, movement and body awareness.

For actors. musicians, public speakers, writers, poets and performers.

Full Embodiment Package - $2189.00 - 12 sessions

$ AUD2189.00

The benefits of greater embodiment will create deeper, more connected relationships, clarify your business direction, improve your health, and increase your intuitive gifts and psychic abilities. Expand your nervous system's capacity for wealth, clients, pleasure and presence. Become magnetic by breaking old patterns and releasing trauma and stress stuck in your nervous system. Turn around chronic health conditions and claim back your vitality.

Your busy mind will let go of over-thinking, over-analysing, and you will become familiar with the power of your unconscious and its influence on your conscious reality. Learn how to follow the wisdom of your nervous system and make the changes in your life you want to see.

Value $2388.00. Save $199.00 with full payment upfront.
Payment plans also available.

Explorer Package - 4 sessions

$ AUD899.00

In four sessions we can often work through a single shock trauma (given the right nervous system conditions, which I help your system prepare for).

I teach you processes to help your survival physiology feel more safe, so that you can become more connected to your nervous system and what your body wants you to know. You will learn to by-pass your analysing and rational brain and let go of over-thinking. With new knowledge on board, you can set a course to change your external experience by focusing on your inner world.