Gift: 75min Breastfeeding Mama's Makeover Massage

Is breastfeeding taking a toll on your body? It's real work! Come get a makeover of your shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Breeze through postpartum recovery without sacrificing your own body as you tackle that breastfeeding learning curve. Wanna bring babe? Yes, please! Baby will change your massage experience, but it's worth it. She can be in a stroller next to you or with you on the massage table to feed on demand. Or both. :) About 75minutes, $130.

Gift: 75min Prenatal Massage

Come enjoy your specialized prenatal massage! This gift certificate can be used for either new or existing clients toward a 75minute prenatal massage, or $130 toward any of our massage services with any therapist.

GIFT: Partner Massage Instruction

Did you know the more massage you get, the more the benefits are amplified? Makes sense, right? Fortunately, you don’t need to come in for a professional massage every day. In this fun session, the pregnant person comes in with her partner, BFF or grandma-to-be so they can learn techniques to give you some great massage at home. She will be on the massage table and get a massage from both her partner and one of our therapists. We give you techniques to bring home and tips to for common frustrations like set up and achey, tired massage hands.

Gift: Divine Mama Massage Gift Certificate

This is a gift certificate for a our 90minute Divine Mama Prenatal Massage. This session is a special treat for any mama-to-be. Spoil her (or yourself, as it may be!!) with deeply relaxing 90minutes that includes our signature 75 minute prenatal massage focused on all of her tight and sore areas, heated steam towels and aromatherapy. The added temperatures, scents and textures help her unwind and enter a deeper state of relaxation. There is seasonal variability in this treatment. The session is 90minutes long, $165.