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INtro to Rally Package

good for 6 classes of Intro to Rally

Puppy Start Right Package - 5 weeks

Early socialization and training for puppies starting at 8 weeks of age. 5 week series, textbook Puppy Start Right included.

Urban Agility - 6 class package- linear (no make ups)

Using natural items found in the outdoors dogs will interact by jumping, climbing, balancing, crawling under, balancing, and going around various obstacles in their everyday world. Focus will be on both indoor and outdoor* obstacles. (*weather permitting). No equipment needed - can be done anywhere and is limited only by one’s imagination. Urban agility helps with confidence and overcoming fears and is a low impact but stimulating activity for any canine.

Puppy Kindergarten, Package of 6 classes

Continuation of training and socialization for Puppy Start Right graduates. Public manners and training basics are emphasized. Purchase the Kindergarten package and then use the code sent to you to schedule the specific dates you will use for class.

Treibball (Urban Herding )

For city dogs that love to chase but don't have a nearby sheep herd to keep them busy, we will be learning to compete in the new sport of sheep ball (Treiball) to keep your dog busy and fun for both of you! Great for ball crazy pups, make it a fun diversion or get serious about competing, Humans learn to work with their dogs as dogs learn self control. Initial skills learned: clicker training, mat work, distance, targeting, pushing, self-control. Ash weeks lesson builds on the last, there are no make-up sessions in this class series.

Intro to Nosework (clicker based)

Curious to try scent training with your dog? This 6 week course will introduce the basics with a clicker trained alert. Class goal is to start preparing you for an Odor Recognition Test (ORT) . Each class builds on the prior week, use your class credits to sign up for Thursday 1pm or Saturday 2:30 time slot.

Nosework 2 package

Next class after our Intro to Nosework. We will be practicing for ORT trials and beginning to separate out each individual odor as dogs are ready. This 6 week series will emphasize developing skills, confidence and a dog motivated to work.

Puppy Agility! - Linear format

Want to get that adolescent pup moving? Try our class specifically designed and modified to be safe for young pups. Obstacles are introduced in a modified form to support learning WITHOUT endangering bone growth during this vital stage. Modified weave poles, limited jumps, but we can get your pup comfortable with equipment and learning cues so you learn to work as a team. This is a progressive class, there are NO make-ups for this linear format.

Canine Good Citizen - train for the test

This is a 4 week series of preparing for the 10 elements of the Canine Good Citizen test. If you feel you are ready, take the test in your 4th week.

Intro to Rally Package

Intro to Rally provides basics foundation skills to begin tackling AKC Rally -Obedience courses. Focus will be on form, precision, and heeling skills as we review the 2017 AKC rally signs and requirements.

Package: Agility Conditioning and Core Skills - 6 classes

This package is good for 6 weeks of Agility Conditioning and Handling Skills. After purchasing package, sign up for the 6 classes, use your package code for payment.

Package: Reactive Dog - Intro to Agility - 6 classes

Semi - private agility lessons for reactive dogs

Beginning Manners - Package of 6 classes

Beginning Manners for dogs over 6 months of age - Package of 6 class credits. Dogs learn look, sit, down, mind/take, loose leash walking, polite greetings.

Initial Consultation for Behavioral Modification

First visit in your home to assess training and behavioral modification needs. From one hour to 90 minutes to develop an appropriate training plan for your family pet.

Private Training - 3 session package

Package of 3 sessions of Private training. Initial consultation and training plan designed to fit your family pets needs.

Private training - 5 session package

Package of 5 private training sessions. Initial consultation followed by 4 one hour sessions of training designed to address your pets needs.

Day training - 2 weeks (5 sessions per week)

Daily private training towards pre-determined goals.

Gift Package for New Puppies

New Puppy Gift Package:
enrollment in our 5 week Puppy Start Right for 8 weeks and up($180)
Puppy Start Right textbook ($25 MSRP)
Custom wearable treat bag ($25 value)
Clicker and wrist loop ($5 value)
Package of your choice Tricky Trainer of Buffalo Bites treats ($5 value)
One night of Fur-st Friday Fun Night ( supervised playtime) ($15 )

Fur-st Friday Fun Night

Come burn off some puppy energy in our supervised playgroup in our version of First Fridays. From 6 to 8pm.