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Coaching With Jen Glantz

1-Year of Coaching With Jen Glantz

It’s not a myth. Time really does feel like it flies by, especially if we don’t know how to squeeze the most out of your weeks and stay focused on a path we’re eager to follow. Working together for 12-months gives you access to an expert coach who has your back as life pulls you in all different directions, ongoing accountability, monthly personal development to keep you growing and evolving, and an enormous library filled with my most popular courses and signature workshops you can tap into whenever you need a pick-me-up or want to learn a new skill.

Your Year of Coaching Includes:
*12-months of coaching & access to Jen Glantz as your expert coach
* (1) 1-hour session & (2) 30-minute sessions a month. You can split this time up however you’d like or carry it over to the next month if you don’t use it all
*Access to a personalized portal, pre-session workbook, call recap guides with next steps after each session, email check-ins and feedback on progress
*Curated tools, resources and examples to tap into along the way
*A monthly personalized bonus that’ll enter your inbox (and mailbox)
*Access to a private library of my popular courses and signature courses
*Free access to any new courses, workshops or events that are launched during the 12-months we work together


Pre-Session Access

Get instant access to your personalized coaching portal with tons of resources, tools and a pre-session meet-and-greet worksheet so you can share the ins and outs about you, your goals and your adventure so far.

Our Jen & Juice Session

We’ll meet for 3-sessions over the course of each month (1-hour, and (2) 30-minute sessions) and work on actionable ( & digestible strategies), next steps, and sort through any challenges or things currently holding you back. I’m known for my unique advice, proven results, and honest tone that’s sprinkled with humor.

Post-Session Game Plan

After each session, you’ll get the audio file from our call and a detailed document with next steps, resources and accountability practices to help you actually accomplish everything we talked about. Consider me your email pen-pal between sessions. I’m there for you!

***This package is $3600 for 12-months***