The Inner Circle Membership

per month for 12 months ($5,964.00 total)
The Inner Circle - Platinum Membership Includes:
♣ 1x 60-Minute one-on-one personal coaching session per month via zoom/skype or phone with Heather

PLUS Group Coaching and Bonuses Including:
♣ 2x one-hour group coaching calls per month (1st/3rd Monday at 5 pm PST). These calls will consist of a variation of teaching, coaching, Q&A, and guided practices. Each call is designed to empower, educate, and inspire you to create massive positive change in your life.
♣ Monthly theme/topic/tool for personal and spiritual growth and empowerment
♣ Expert Masterclasses with incredible guest teachers specializing in personal growth, self-care, meditation, energy healing, and more
♣ Connection to your new tribe of like-minded women on a similar path
♣ Access to the private Inner Circle Facebook group. This is where you will seek support from Heather and other members, share your struggles and celebrate your breakthroughs
♣ Opportunities to gather in-person for fun activities including game night and a summer BBQ!
♣ Priority access to Heather's workshops, talks, events, and Soul On Fire Retreats
♣ And of course, surprise goodies including exclusive Soul On Fire gifts; recorded guided meditations, videos, and workbooks

Journey to Transformation - Personal Growth Intensive

per month for 6 months ($5,982.00 total)

The Journey to Transformation program is an accelerated personal growth process that draws from my own twenty-year journey of working with coaches, healers, therapists, and global leaders in personal development and transformation. This six-month 1:1 coaching program is designed to give you the courage, clarity, and confidence you need to step into your best life. You will be given a safe container to dive deep and heal your relationship to yourself, others, and Source.

This program will evolve as you do and we will clear any blocks, resistance or limitations that come up along the way. As you become more self-aware, we will clear out your mind clutter and shine the light on old, outdated stories so you can reframe the fears that have kept you stuck. I will hold your hand as you build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be, and provide you with practical tools to develop greater self-acceptance, awareness, self-care, and self-love. I will help you stay focused on what truly matters to create lasting change in your life.

YOU are at the center of this transformation.

Element 1: Your Story – understand, heal, transcend, and rewrite your story
Element 2: Your Core – discover your innate nature, light, shadow, gifts, and desires
Element 3: Your Pillars – establish a strong foundation to bring your best self forward
Element 4: Your Vision – step into a new vision free from the limitations of your past
Element 5: Your Connection – deepen your connection to self, others, and a power greater than yourself

Your Journey to Transformation Program Includes:  
♣ 2 x 90-Minute Sessions Per Month (12-Sessions Total in 6-months)
♣ 2 x 15-Minute Emergency Phone Support Per Month 
♣ Unlimited Access via Email Support
♣ Personal Development Notebook
♣ Access to Resources including Meditations, Audio Lessons, & Checklists 
♣ Early-Bird Registration and First Access for Soul on Fire Events

The Journey Continues - Personal Growth Mentorship

per month for 12 months ($5,964.00 total)

You have already taken a huge leap towards greater self-awareness, personal power and living your authentic truth, you can be very proud! You have laid a foundation, planted seeds and begun to watch them grow. You are in a place of greater awakening, truth, and self-discovery.

The on-going mentorship you receive in this Level II program will massively support you on this path awakening and healing as you implement, embody and exercise all that you have learned. You will be able to ground yourself more fully in your core, develop even more loving and self-nurturing habits and lifestyle changes, and design a Life you truly love.

If you are looking to up-level your life, increase passion and purpose and feel alive and vibrant as a result of your inner-dialogue and lifestyle, then this mentorship is for you. You will have a mentor and guide by your side each step of the way, holding your highest vision of your life for you, cheering you on, catching you when you fall and helping to really create a life you love.

During this 1:1 Personal Growth Intensive you will: 

♣ Continue to develop greater self-awareness and inner strength … paying close attention to self-talk and stories from your past that might sneak up and try to sabotage your happiness in an effort to “play it safe” (aka. Your old defaults)
♣ Ground into your authentic Core through continual inner-discovery and daily practices
♣ Keep checking in and access your life using the 8-Branches of Whole Health for Optimal Living; learning to ‘self-course correct’ and making new choices in order to live a life you love
♣ Tap into Joy, Passion, and Purpose in a more authentic and easy to access way
♣ Continue evolving your vision for this new chapter in your life with practical steps to help you stay on track
♣ Effectively manage stress through daily self-care rituals and Mind-Body Medicine practices
♣ Keep tuning in and learn to listen intuitively to your body, and trust and acknowledge the messages you receive
♣ Enjoy greater mental clarity and focus on achieving all that you set out to do  
♣ Keep falling in love with you, falling in love with life and attracting love in all that you do!

Program Includes: 

♣ 12 Months of On-Going support and Mentorship (12 Sessions Total)
♣ 1 x Session per Month
♣ Sessions happen every third week, so you have time to implement and practice what you learn
♣ 2x Emergency Phone Support Check-in’s (within 24-hours of request & calls up to 30 minutes)
♣ Unlimited Email Support
♣ Inspiration straight to your inbox to help you focus on the positive, inspire and uplift you
♣ Creation of a personal Self-Care Plan & Lifestyle Medicine Guide with my guidance
♣ Unlimited access to Resources, Meditation Audios, Free Classes, Checklists & More