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Single Service Postpartum Gift

Cocoa Bliss (90 min)

A body Treatment and Massage in one! Warmed shea butter and cocoa butter hot stone massage, followed by a hot blanket wrap and a bit of time to rest

Cesarean Recovery Massage (60min)

This massage focuses on areas affected by the surgery and is followed by instruction on how to care for the scar. 60 minutes.

Postpartum Massage House Call

A Mellow Mood will come to you after your baby arrives! HeatherLyn will be with mama for a 2 hour home visit, during which she will do a full body postpartum table massage. Baby can be snuggled with mama on the table in side-lying, nursing as needed. Mama can also put a robe on and a break can be taken to feed the baby. HeatherLyn will also be doing light belly massage, checking in on the uterus and helping the core re-ignite after delivery. If mama has had a Cesarean section, HeatherLyn will give mama a lesson for scar care. HeatherLyn travels to the greater Boulder area and this treatment can be arranged right after the birth. Weeks 1-4 are the most popular times.

Love the Belly/Postpartum Massage (60min)

All mamas need nurturing after birth. This massage addresses aches and pains associated with baby care and speeds recovery from birth.