Be Your Healthy Marvellous Self!

Are you having a (mental) health concern that is taking up most of your time and thinking? Or are you just concerned about your (mental) health?

Are you aware that we all have access to all we need to have a healthy and enjoyable life? Most of us are not aware of this.

Let me point you in the direction of the wisdom and life source that is providing us with all we need to be healthy.

This program is for anyone who would love to:

- Be and feel healthy no matter what's going on in life
- Have more peace of mind
- Have more energy
- Lose some weight (maybe)
- Reduce stress
- Feel healthy from within
- Dive deeper into the Three Principles (3P)

This is program is not for you if you're looking for:

- Goal setting
- Learning new tools and techniques
- A blueprint for health
- Miraculous healing

Set up of this 12 week program:

• Week 1-4: Grounding in 3P

Learn more about what the Three Principles are actually pointing to. In an interview with author and Transformative 3 Principles Coach Steve M. Nash we discuss what life is all about according to the principles and how knowing about them can have a profound impact on your life.

• Week 5-8: Food and emotional eating

I wouldn't be a Health Coach if I didn't include anything about food in this program. It's important to know what foods are right for your body. Not according to all the so-called experts but according to your own body. It has its own wisdom and can tell you what it needs, if you just know how to listen to it. In this part of the program I'm discussing food and emotional eating with my dear friend Debbie Freeman Buchbinder. She's a Psychology of Eating and 3 Principles Coach and the author of "Food Calls and Freedom Answers".

• Week 9-12: Limiting beliefs

Did you know that you are not your limiting beliefs? That they are just thoughts you can ignore? In this part of the program we'll be looking at how limiting beliefs have no power over you. I'll be talking to Laurie Holmes. She is a Certified Super Coach, a Certified Clarity Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, and she's a 3 Principles Author of a Spiritual book about our innate Divine Nature called: Becoming Human; The Story of You and Me and How we Came to Be! She also runs a Facebook group called "Dropping Self-Limiting Beliefs from a 3 Principles Perspective".

What's included in this 1-on-1 Coaching Program?:

- Interviews to go deeper into the topics,
- 12 Zoom meetings for 1-on-1 coaching
- Some health tips to experiment with (downloadable PDFs)

Enroll in this course today and learn how to be Your Healthy Marvellous Self!