Fertility Support

Patiently Preparing for Pregnancy - 3 Month Program

Are you hoping to be pregnant within the next 6-12 months? Are you interested in achieving maximum health of your reproductive system before inviting a new life? If so, and if you are not currently trying to conceive, this is the program for you! It includes SIX SESSIONS with me and instruction in daily self-massage, along with traditional herbal tinctures and dried herbs for steaming that you will use during the program. In addition to the Arvigo® treatment, I offer support in tracking your cycles, eating well and exercising, managing stress and life-in-general if needed. I have a wealth of connections in the Women’s Healthcare field so I can help you find everything you need on your journey.
We begin with a 2 hour intake session. Subsequent appointments are 60 minutes. You will enjoy priority scheduling, and connection as needed between appointments. I am always available to answer questions and address concerns as they
come up.
This program is also appropriate for those who have struggled to conceive or carry a pregnancy and who are interested in taking a break from “trying” and concentrating on improving their health. Those with a few months before a scheduled IUI or IVF procedure can also benefit from this intensive focus on uterine and abdominal health.

Pregnant Now! Program

If you are already trying to conceive, and will continue making the love to bring the baby while we are working together, we have to adjust somewhat. In this case, It is only appropriate to do the full Arvigo® Treatment and self-massage between the end of menses and ovulation, so we will meet just once a month for 4 months.

If you become pregnant during these 4 months, we will apply any unused Fertility Support sessions to a Pregnancy Program where we can continue to optimize health and well-being for you and your baby.