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Pregnancy Programs

Complete Care Program

The complete care program is designed for people who want to experience maximum benefits of the Arvigo® techniques for the childbearing year and who want the full support and
guidance of an experienced midwife throughout their process. You will be more comfortable through your pregnancy, better prepared for labor and birth, and fully supported in your postpartum recovery.
This program is designed to start at 16-20 weeks. You can expect to enjoy at least 12 sessions, scheduled in time increments similar to your appointments with your midwife or OB and continuing weekly from 38 weeks until your baby is born. We will do treatments at 4 and 6 weeks postpartum also, designed specifically to aid recovery and bring your body back from birth. I will be available to you between visits for whatever questions and concerns you may have. I usually check in once a week, just to see how you are doing.
I include an in-home massage in the first week or two after birth just for relief and relaxation. You will also receive Rainforest Remedies as needed and goodies from Rebecca’s Apothecary.
And... you and your partner are invited to join one of my quarterly Belly Basics classes, to learn more about pregnant anatomy and to gather more tools for enjoying a comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth. You are also welcome to attend my class offerings specific to cesarean recovery and VBAC, best postpartum practices, etc, as they are developed.
Finally, you will enjoy priority scheduling - the opportunity to book out well in advance for appointment times that work for you.

"Late Start" Complete Care

All the same benefits as above for those who are already in their last trimester.

Consistent Care Program

Nine sessions tailored to your needs including a final session at 6 weeks postpartum. You will also enjoy priority scheduling, and you and your partner are invited to join my Belly Basics class at no additional charge. You can count on my support and guidance throughout your process.

Basic Care Program

Six sessions as above, including one at 6 weeks postpartum, priority scheduling and availability for questions and concerns between appointments.