5) Executive Coaching-PRO Level (Under $100K salary)

Branding Coaching -Pro Level (salaries under $100K)


Career Transitioning Coaching -Pro Level (salaries under $100K)

Package Description:

✓Make an informed career choice by sifting through what you truly want out of your career!
✓Career Strategy Coaching (virtual 1-hour coach session).
✓Map out a plan with your coach to work toward your goals.
✓Fill out free assessments.
✓Add YouScience® or Gallup CliftonStrengths® Assessment for $30 if needed.
✓Work through our Career Sifter with your coach on a virtual session - where you talk and we type...sifting through layers in the career choice section and mapping out strategy.
✓Typically we save our clients months of agonizing over the wrong decision. Where here with you through this major transition.

Accountability Coaching Subscription - Pro Level

per month
✓This monthly subscription gives you one hour of coaching you can use for 15, 30, or (1) 60 minute session

Interview Prep Coaching -Pro Level (salaries under $100K)

Package Description:

✓Prepare to interview with your "A" game!
✓You send us your resume so we can make sure your results are clear.
✓You send us job description prior to our session if applicable.
✓Work 1 Hour with a level-specific Executive Coach virtually to customize your solution and work toward your goals for the interview. You can always add another hour later if needed.
✓We use a solid Consultative Strategy with an opening, closing, and follow-up to land you far more job offers.
✓Dial-in brand, value statements, and value pitch.
✓Rehearse STAR/PAR technique for behavioral and technical questions. ✓We give you a list of these to use to practice.
✓Learn ways to stand out in your interview; dial-in your specific strategy.
✓Typically for our clients, this package saves weeks of lost wages ($1K+ depending on your weekly salary) and time by landing a job faster and improves salary trajectory by $5-10K+ annually.

Salary Negotiations Prep Coaching -Pro Level (salaries under $100K)


✓Prepare to negotiate for a value-based (not market-rate) salary.
✓1 Hour of Executive Coaching (via Email/Zoom/Phone).
✓Show where to research salary ranges, stock options, bonus structures, and desired specs for your new role.
✓Learn the pillars of salary negotiations so you always know what to say.
✓Get scripts on how to work through it.
✓Typically our clients improve their salary range by $5-50K+ annually depending on their level of income.