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Career Transitioning Coaching

Package Description:

✓Make an informed career choice by sifting through what you truly want out of your career!
✓Career Strategy Coaching (virtual 1-hour coach session).
✓Map out a plan with your coach to work toward your goals.
✓Take 2 free assessments to bring some data to the decision-making.
✓Add YouScience® or Gallup CliftonStrengths® Assessment for $30 if needed.
✓Work through our Career Sifter with your coach on a virtual session - where you talk and we type...sifting through layers in the career choice section and mapping out strategy.
✓Typically we save our clients months of agonizing over the wrong decision. Where here with you through this major transition.

Interview Prep Coaching

Package Description:

✓Prepare to interview with your "A" game!
✓You send us your resume so we can make sure your results are clear.
✓You send us job description prior to our session if applicable.
✓Work 1 Hour with a level-specific Executive Coach virtually to customize your solution and work toward your goals for the interview. You can always add another hour later if needed.
✓We use a solid Consultative Strategy with an opening, closing, and follow-up to land you far more job offers.
✓Dial-in brand, value statements, and value pitch.
✓Rehearse STAR/PAR technique for behavioral and technical questions. ✓We give you a list of these to use to practice.
✓Learn ways to stand out in your interview; dial-in your specific strategy.
✓Typically for our clients, this package saves weeks of lost wages ($1K+ depending on your weekly salary) and time by landing a job faster and improves salary trajectory by $5-10K+ annually.

Executive Presence Coaching

Package Description:

✓We assess your executive presence based on specific criteria.
✓We work on any areas that need to be addressed and coach you on ways to become an effective leader.
✓We role-play where needed.
✓We tackle any issues you may be encountering.

2) Branded Resume & LinkedIn Development

Linkedin Development

This package is for Resume Development Clients:
-We mirror your experience from your new resume we developed, onto your  LinkedIn profile.
-Change your About statement to reflect the top of your resume (overview statement and top 3-5 strengths).
-Update your Professional Experience to mirror your resume but take off any $ results in your current job if you are working.
-Update your Education/Certifications (take off dates).
-Update any other relevant info that was added to your resume that should be on your profile (clubs, volunteer work, etc.)
-Update your Skills with your optimized keywords.
-Add examples of work if that makes sense (videos, articles, add images, etc.).
-Set your recruiter settings/sometimes we set alerts if it makes sense.
-Change your backdrop image with free stock of your choice.
-Change your title (if not working) which should represent the titles you are searching, if you are not currently working.
-Take off the number extension at the end of your URL for LinkedIn (if you had not done that already).

7) Career Accelerator Package

Career Accelerator Program

$100.00 initial setup plus $99.00 per month
Your career is one of your greatest financial and personal growth vehicles. Make it count! Work 1-on-1 with a level-specific Executive Coach for 30 minutes virtually each month to work on the following topics of a 5 part framework.

You will receive assessments and coursework to supplement this process and will use the Career5 platform to keep you on track with an action plan:

✓First session is Goal Setting & Performance-Based Mindset
✓Professional Branding & Executive Presence
✓Leadership, Organizational Growth, & Business Acumen
✓Partnerships & Networking Strategies
✓Intrapreneur & Salary Negotiations Strategies
✓Results: Clients typically are able to move to their next role and negotiate for a value-based salary of 10- 30%+ more, are more fulfilled in their roles, and utilize much of this knowledge in their personal lives as well.

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