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Soul Side -Out is about healing. It is time. It is time to shift our human perspective and hear the call from universal consciousness. It is asking that we move away from the violent approach of drugging, numbing, masking, fighting or surgically removing what is perceived as “not working” in the mind or body. It is about universal laws of healing from the inside-out that can be applied to your life that are described in this book. It is a way to be most present, a way to transcend the time-space reality and experience the wave function - the aspect of our mind that knows and identifies with oneness, unity and unconditional love that transforms and heals. Through this book you are invited to relearn the language of your soul and shift your perspective of frustration an fear to interest, curiosity and trust.

By accessing the spiritual, emotional and energetic patterns behind her symptoms, Summer has healed from chronic migraines, pre-cervical cancer, a streptococcal blood infection, irritable bowel and has improved her myopia from -5.0 to being legal to drive without glasses in 2006.

Summer feels an urgent calling to adopt a more conscious approach to health. She believes that treating the body in separate parts or as separate form the mind and spirt creates long lasting trauma and prevents our evolution. She is the channel for the work of INside-OWT, Universal to healing from the inside-out.


Inner Light - Outer Sight Retreat 4 days, 3 Nights. $1197 plus G.S.T

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$1197 plus G.S.T

During this 4 Day & 3 Night Retreat, you will enjoy your days without glasses, in a calm, safe, unhurried environment to enjoy your natural vision - inner and outer.

80% of people have eyesight issues, that is because our precious perceptual orbs (eyes) are portals to systemic health. Stressors that affect our well-being, affect your eyes. The Windows to the Soul do not lie.... The retreat will focus on exploring your ​Light Reflex (Your ability to take in light) and how this impacts your visual clarity, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Healing Mentorship Program

THE WHOLE ShaBANG ! Book, Mentorship Program & Retreat! $1750+GST

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You get the Book Soul-Side Out, $25
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You are registered for the Inner Light Retreat June 13-16, 2019 $1,297

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