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Retreat Cancellation

Cancellation of Soul-Truth Discovery Academy & Retreat.


BOOK: Soul Side-Out Soft-Cover Personally SIGNED by Author

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Soul-Side out is about Healing. It is time. It is time to shift our human perspective and hear the call from universal consciousness. The call is asking that we move away from the violent approach of drugging, numbing, masking, fighting, or surgically removing what is perceived as "not working" in the mind or body.

It's about Universal Laws of Healing from the Inside-Out. It is a way to be most present, a way to transcend the time-space reality and experience the wave-function, - the aspect of our mind that knows and identifies with oneness, unity and unconditional Love that transforms and heals.

Through this book you are invited to relearn the language of your soul and shift your perspective of frustration an fear to interest, curiosity and trust through the simple, & natural process of INside-OWT. There are 5 simple steps/laws to learning and understanding your Soul's Language - that you can and DO REMEMBER because everything you KNOW is already WITHIN YOU waiting for you to STOP and listen deeply.

By accessing the spiritual, Emotional and energetic patterns behind her symptoms, Summer healed Chronic Migraines, Pre-cervical Cancer, A Streptococcal Blood Infection, Eczema, and improved her Eyesight, and she uses the process of INside-OWT daily herself and with others to transform negative or difficult emotion into spontaneous insight for improved emotional health, personal clarity, relationships and to PREVENT Symptoms arising.

Summer feels an urgent calling to adopt more conscious approaches to health. She believes that treating the body in separate parts or as separate from the mind and spirt creates long lasting trauma and prevents our evolution.

$15 US Includes Shipping WORLDWIDE.
Republished in March 2020 PageTurner Press