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A Gift of Somatic Immersion

Give the gift of a Somatic Immersion to someone you care about.
My quest is to guide my guests to:
tap into creative expression, intuition and vision;
rediscover the possibility to release pain & suffering & heal mind and body;
and find peace in the paradox of being both unique and at one with everything.
My dream is to help others discover Embodied Sovereignty: being a tangible, visible human form with supreme authority over the lived experience. When we feel peaceful, connected and clear in our body, we can find peace, connection and clarity in the world.
We do that together through a richly curated 4-hour sensory experience called a Somatic Immersion that includes a Biomat & Bars journey, Breathwork & Meditation, Intuitive Bodywork & Vibrational Sound Therapy (plus more surprises!).
Give the gift of healing today!
This Gift Certificate may be applied to appointment times available in 2021 only (expires December 31, 2021).