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Clarity over Coffee is designed to help you when you just feel you need a little bit of hand holding over short periods of time. We connect via phone/Skype or email for 30 minutes once per week for 4 weeks. Want another month? No problem, just keep booking for as long as you wish!

How to be a Lady Who Leaves

Here's what readers have said:

"Emma Heptonstall’s book is a crash course in Divorce - all you need to know but where afraid to ask.
The book is highly readable and jammed packed full of useful tactics, tips and advice spanning the nuts of and bolts of the legal process, understanding your finances and how to successfully put your children at the centre of your divorce".  
"Relying on the advice of your lawyer, friends and family is good but having the Divorce Coach on your side is priceless.  
It's important that you think strategically and logically and that you keep emotion out of your decision-making as much as possible”.

"This book was and is the bridge over my troubled waters, providing unwavering, truly understanding and un-shockable support, both emotionally and practically with the legal process.  If you’re (almost!) leaving or have just bitten the bullet and done it, this book (and for me Emma’s coaching and blogs) might just be the thing that sees you through". 



I noticed that many men and women fear divorce because of the horror stories they hear about from friends or in the media.

"With these cards, it doesn't have to be that way. Understanding Divorce Cards, walk you step by step through the process from filing a Petition, right through the Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute stages. Explaining the forms you need to complete, timescales and the factors a Court would take into account if you cannot agree the terms of your divorce".
Each packet contains:

17 Key Concept Cards including Filing for Divorce, Acknowledgement of Service, Decree Nisi and many more....

30 Daily Cards with tips, hints and activities to ensure that you make progress, gather together all your
financial documents, and put your children first.
Additional recommendations on further support and advice

All this information for just £19.99 - be prepared before you see your lawyer.