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Voiceover Starter Package

If you've ever wondered if you've got what it takes to be a Voice Actor, then this package is for you. Since most students usually realize if they’d like to continue to pursue voiceovers as a career in 4 lessons, we've created the “Voiceover Starter Package” spanning 4 hourly classes with a savings of $100.00 over the cost of individual lessons.

You will learn:
• Vocal exercises
• How to analyze scripts
• The general business aspects of voiceovers
• The various genres you can study in the field
• The basics of performance behind the microphone
• Basic studio setup
• How to create characters for authentic performances
• Where your natural talents lie
• Plus, you'll get time behind the mic to work on some scripts, with feedback.

If the Voice Acting bug bites you, then you can transition into the 12-lesson comprehensive, to adequately prepare yourself for a career in voice acting.

Package price is $500.00 for 4 lessons saving you $100.00 over the cost of individual lessons.

Returning Student Package - Four Lesson Pack

For Returning Students only, save $50 when you purchase a pack of 4 lessons! Enjoy the 10% savings towards learning the craft of voiceovers.

Returning Student Package - Six lesson Pack

For Returning Students only, save $90 when you purchase a pack of 6 lessons! Enjoy the 12% savings towards learning the craft of voiceovers.

Twelve Lesson Comprehensive - Career Option

Prerequisite: Must have completed either the Voiceover Starter Package, have taken at least 4– one hour lessons to be eligible, or have the approval of a Guru.

$150 for each 75-minute lesson

For those that have decided to pursue voiceovers as a career option, these 12 lessons will provide a comprehensive course schedule to cover essential topics for success. Each 90-minute lesson will delve deeper into the necessary concepts and more time will be taken to cover each topic. You will learn all you need to know to start your voiceover career in 12 weeks, or 12 lessons, your choice. Creation of a demo is the final phase of this lesson plan if the student is ready and is at the discretion of the Guru Coach.

Examples of a few lessons:

Lesson 1: Voice and Microphone Basics
• Warming up the voice for work
• Breath Exercises
• Emotion Activation – Exploring the Inner Actor
• Vocal Care and Maintenance
• Mic and Headphone Techniques in the Booth and Studio Basics

Lesson 2: All About Copy
• Copy Interpretation Basics
• Breaking Down Copy
• Types of Commercial Copy – 2 person, slice of life, announcer, retail, hard sell, medium and soft sell
• Booth practice with scripts

Lesson 7: Studio Building Basics
• Microphone types
• Sound Proofing and space to build
• Editing Software and DAW systems
• Technology aspects of session work, Phone Patch, ISDN, iPDTL, Source Connect, Skype.

Lesson booking is flexible to accommodate for students personal life and finances.

Voiceover Demo Package

A high-quality demo that showcases your talent authentically is the foundation of any successful career in voiceovers. So we’ve designed a package to ensure it is your BEST performances that get showcased.

In this package, students receive 2 (two) hours of coaching with both VO Coach Linda and Acting Coach Alyssa while recording the takes for their professional demo that will later be mixed by our in-house audio engineer. The price includes mixing of the demo and files for student use. Please contact us for further information: Info@Voiceover.Guru

Gift Certificate for a One Hour Lesson with a Voiceover Guru Coach

Give the coolest gift of all, the gift of learning behind the microphone! Great for someone who is curious about the industry or is ready to start training to become a working Voice Actor.

This gift certificate is good for a one hour lesson with any of our Voiceover Guru Coaches. You can choose from Linda Bruno, JJ Wilson, or Alyssa Jayson.