Mentoring / Coaching 12 sessions

Mentoring and Coaching that drives home the point with love and respect for who you are, not what you do, but how is that possible if what you do matters in this world? Well let me show you

"Don't take the easy way out" is what most people say, but the easiest way is sometimes the most challenging because it alters the way you think about yourself and your role here on earth. I am here to help you with that.

I have many gifts that support my role as your mentor and coach. They include the study Akashic Records and the use of them during my sessions to help you understand your soul's purpose and drives as well as Astrological placements to help you know your true life's purpose through your personal attitudes and beliefs about the world. I also work with the Archangels and the Guides of Light when necessary to bring through healing light and more. They are ready and willing to help us through any difficult emotion or situation that you may encounter during our time together and you will learn how to access your own guidance with them as well.

I believe that love, compassion, and joy for the solution is the best way to honor the human soul as she/he journies through this lifetime and whatever your goal, know that your powerful intentions to come into this body and mind will honor the soul that brought you here.

Coaching includes 12 one hour weekly or biweekly live video sessions with support by Email or FB messaging throughout the week within reason.

***Payment plans available on a case by case basis

Mentoring 6 sessions


The Highly Attuned Lightworker Package

All the things that will help you on your journey to self development and awareness of your soul's evolutionary process and progress combined into one package. Save over $200 for these services. They are combined in such a way to help you acknowledge your soul gifts, use them with the highest realms of integration, and assist you on the path to the divine light within you. These are not about changing your energy field, it's about using your energy to increase the light that you hold in this time space reality and then integrating the highest potential for your soul's work. Useful for those of you that are on your own intuitive path and already know your gifts but want to learn more about using and integrating them into this life path that you chose.
1 - One Hour Intuitive Channeled Reading
1 - Intuitive Birth Chart Analysis
1 - Akashic Record reading
2 - 30 Minute Channeled Guidance Readings

Gift Certificate for 1 Intuitive Angel Reading

One hour angel guidance and intuitive answers to your deepest questions and healing energy alignment.