The Body of Light Course and Group Coaching Program

*Only 10 slots available, begins June 25th, 2018
*8 weeks of on-line coaching in a group format using ZOOM for a personal interactive experience
*Learn to GRID your body to the earth realm to support your physical energy, groundedness, safety, and sense of belonging.
*Learn the compassion method to heal pain cycles that are blocking you from receiving love, well being, abundance, and health.
*Increase emotional resiliency and learn how to stop empathic overload.
*Trust in your authentic expression and release fear of judgment
*Learn why manifestation often stops before it becomes a physical reality and how to bypass it
*Receive attunements and energetic alignments to your Higher Self and light energy upgrades to assist you in integrating all of the tools
*Work with the Angelic Guides to further your intuitive and spiritual development
*Shift the way your body reacts to information from a fear based belief system to a love based knowing
*Get the benefit of a personal coach and individualized attention and solutions for your specific needs
*Group interaction of like minded people based in love enhances the shift in profound ways. The group dynamic becomes one of the ways in which we heal, learn, and grow in our authenticity safely
*Get individual and detailed support and guidance and assistance for your particular needs
*Recordings of all attunements and sessions so you can listen to them over and over again and get the same energy alignments any time you need
*Tools and information that are easily integrated into your life every day

Releasing anger and pain doesn't work, learn why in this dynamic course that keeps you supported and loved in every way possible. By the time you are done with this course you may have side effects of loving who you are, living with more confidence, creating a spiritual relationship with your higher self and the Angels who are supporting you, balancing heart chakra energy for all that you are creating in your life and learning to accept praise, joy, and happiness as your birth right. This comes at a price of looking at yourself honestly with the upmost compassion and being there for your group members and learning to hold space in a way that helps heal and empower the person to feel worthy and loved, this includes YOU.

There is no light that goes unnoticed in the world, so when you shine yours there is no dimming it. Join us for a passionate project in shifting the beliefs of your reality to connect with the true Source within. Believing in yourself to take the challenge of self expression is not only a part of who you are but a necessary part of your expansion on earth. Abundance, Joy, Creativity, and Compassion are the basis of the work, the result is becoming more of who you are, not less.

***Your active participation and willingness to receive will determine how much benefit you get from this course.

Mentoring / Coaching

My Soulful Transformation Coaching and Mentoring is designed for you and your needs. Intentions include body health and wellness through vibrational awareness, fine tuning of your intuitive skills, strengthen and balance the heart chakra to and balance the energy body, and align to your deeper soul purpose in ways that effect your entire life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The fun part of it is that is is entirely customizable to your highest and greatest good.

Each program of design includes elements of Archangel attunements, energy frequency adjustments, and new ways of incorporating your unique design and soul energy into your daily life and awareness. We will guide you out of the involuntary human conditioning which took you from your divine purpose and into lack based fear and doubt and teach you how to ascend and attune you to the proper functioning and awareness of your emotional energy system so that you can create the designer life you planned before you got here. It includes 6 one hour weekly live video sessions with unlimited (within reason) Email or FB messaging throughout the week.

With guidance from your Angels and Higher Self you’ll learn what keeps you standing still while we actively build upon your emotional resilience.; a key component to reaching a more balanced way of seeking guidance, solutions, and opportunities for greater health and well being. We will turn on the "DNA light codes" which are a fancy way of saying, "the potential paths our soul can take" and learn what drives your soul to learn from and heal the past, and take on new experiences that are based in love, manifestation, and the highest and greatest good. Turning these light codes on helps your soul and the earth raise its vibration so you and human life becomes more creative and less fearful. With loving support you’ll learn authentic self-expression, self-acceptance, appreciation, and unwavering compassion for yourself and mankind! The real reason you’re here!

This service is for you if you want to:

Transmute energetic and emotional blocks that cut off access to god/source/universe due to damaged belief systems.

Trust in the Divine and lead yourself to more happiness through clarity and resourcefulness

Strengthen your relationship with your higher self and Guides of Light

Learn to align your gifts and healing energy to do the work of your heart

Align to your soul’s purpose to create a better avenue for your light work to shine in your every day life

Reduce or stop empathic or emotional overwhelm and become more open to receive, so you have more to give!

Change the way you relate to your body, physical reality, and emotional fear of lack based belief systems

Increase your awareness of God in the physical body and your introduction to healing the self through energy tools as well as practical how to’s to reduce cravings and fear based eating and thinking about health protocols

You may opt to choose areas of focus for this program such as Channeling, Body Health, Lightworker Syndrome to Lightworker Wellness, or more….

There is no perfectionism only progression in this program! Learn the importance of why you’re here, eliminate limitations, align with your purpose, and increase your abundance, health, emotional, and spiritual well-being!

Are You Ready to Uncover and Live Inside the Real Reason You’re Here?

***Payment plans available on a case by case basis

Gift Certificate for 1 Intuitive Angel Reading

One hour angel guidance and intuitive answers to your deepest questions and healing energy alignment.