The Body of Light Course and Group Coaching Program

BOL is a system of thinking about your choices, reconnecting them to the heart and reviewing the ways in which we make our choices so that the mind, body, and spirit heals from the perspective of your own free will, and not the confusing state of what you "have to do" in order to achieve well being. We focus on the methodology of CLARITY, COMPASSION, and JOY to allow the soul to choose for itself how to feel, sense, and know your Divinity and expression of it in the physical body.

The Body of Light Program is one that uplifts and designates a new belief system in you that allows you to choose for yourself how to speak up and determine your own identity. This is about instilling the knowledge and energy of the Divine right to be here without the fear based inclusion of nasty drill sergeant type of "coaching" or criticisms that leave you feeling void of having the right kind of attitude or belief in yourself and tries to get you to do things that are not in alignment with your personal truth.

The only thing required of you is to be completely honest with the emotional state. In this step by step process you will be evaluating your own internal struggles and heading them off to be delivered to the heart for review and compassionate attention for what is needed.

You will see the results more immediately if you are counseled by someone that has the encouragement of the Angelic Light frequencies and your higher self awareness, which is why the coaching portion of this program is so powerful. There is no need to process the traumatic events of your life in front of the group, and critically erase them as if they were wrong for being there.

Look at this program as an attunement class that lets you slowly integrate and evaluate the highest intention for your soul to become the Light Body and then reevaluate the structures by which your consciousness allows you to express the soul's urge to complete the cyclic patterns of false fears about your worthiness to ascend past guilt and shame and heal by way of love for yourself.

To complete the cycles of pain you are in you must understand the deeper meaning of what the emotional state encourages you to look at and to reveal about who you are. It isn't about changing the mindset or making you believe that if you just held the right attention for long enough you would be able to get rid of all of your panic, pain, or worry about your self worth all at once. It's about time we chose to listen to the ideal alignment, which is our right to exist in the work of our hearts and follow the inclination of it to reveal the truth of our connection to the throat chakra, and then follow the guidance that comes through the mind's eye.

All three components of this course include attunements to these chakra energies and reevaluates the conscious mind to allow it to take hold in your 3D reality. The last aspect of this course will take you on a nose dive to deeper consciousness and elevate your energy field into the wild blue heart of Gaia, where she receives your energy and returns it to you tenfold.

Abundance is yours, CLARITY of yourself is how to reveal your desires, COMPASSION for what is needed readies the solution for what pains you, and JOY for the results increases the readiness to involve your action in revealing it.


- 10 weeks of weekly on-line live coaching in a group format using ZOOM and video lessons with accompanying workbook to take you step by step through the ascended light energy of your body's health and well being, to include emotional contact with the wounded soul and complete cycles of pain through clarity, compassion, and joy for the solution.
- Learn to grid your light body to Gaia to support the energy shifts you want to make and the clarity of how to evolve from the 3D dimensional fear based mantra of lack, to the powerful choosing of your own heart's desires.
- Learn the art of compassionate healing. This takes the longest to learn as it isn't what you think it is. Compassionate attention to what is needed versus resolving issues by releasing the pain of them is the most important step in recovering the mind body connection and allowing Source to flow through you with more ease
- "Trust in the heart's guidance." This is where all guidance should resonate to. Trusting in the heart releases you from fear of your emotional awareness and give you the perspective of your higher self and the knowledge validates itself into your reality.
- "Live in the moment". This listens and opens up the heart chakra to the throat and allows you to complete cycles of fear based judgment upon yourself by speaking the truth of your will based design rather than your fear of speaking out against what you don't like.
- Also learn how to completely overhaul the way you feel about your body's ability to lose weight, heal illness, or other malfunctions that the body created.
- Work with the Angelic Guides to further your intuitive and spiritual development and open the intuitive energies to less fear and more clarity without even trying too hard to open the 3rd eye
- Shift the way your body reacts to information from a fear based belief system to a love based knowing
- Group interaction of like minded people based in love enhances the shift in profound ways. The group dynamic becomes one of the ways in which we heal, learn, and grow in our authenticity safely
- Personal intuitive and practical guidance through group sessions
- Recordings of all attunements and sessions so you can listen to them over and over again and receive more each time you listen
- Tools and information that are easily integrated into your life

Abundance, Joy, Creativity, and Compassion are the basis of the work, the result is becoming more of who you are, not less.

***Your active participation and willingness to receive will determine how much benefit you get from this course.

Mentoring / Coaching

My Soulful Transformation Coaching and Mentoring is designed for you and your needs. Intentions include body health and wellness through vibrational awareness, fine tuning of your intuitive skills, strengthen and balance the heart chakra to and balance the energy body, and align to your deeper soul purpose in ways that effect your entire life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The fun part of it is that is is entirely customizable to your highest and greatest good.

Each program of design includes elements of Archangel attunements, energy frequency adjustments, and new ways of incorporating your unique design and soul energy into your daily life and awareness. We will guide you out of the involuntary human conditioning which took you from your divine purpose and into lack based fear and doubt and teach you how to ascend and attune you to the proper functioning and awareness of your emotional energy system so that you can create the designer life you planned before you got here. It includes 6 one hour weekly live video sessions with unlimited (within reason) Email or FB messaging throughout the week.

With guidance from your Angels and Higher Self you’ll learn what keeps you standing still while we actively build upon your emotional resilience.; a key component to reaching a more balanced way of seeking guidance, solutions, and opportunities for greater health and well being. We will turn on the "DNA light codes" which are a fancy way of saying, "the potential paths our soul can take" and learn what drives your soul to learn from and heal the past, and take on new experiences that are based in love, manifestation, and the highest and greatest good. Turning these light codes on helps your soul and the earth raise its vibration so you and human life becomes more creative and less fearful. With loving support you’ll learn authentic self-expression, self-acceptance, appreciation, and unwavering compassion for yourself and mankind! The real reason you’re here!

This service is for you if you want to:

Transmute energetic and emotional blocks that cut off access to god/source/universe due to damaged belief systems.

Trust in the Divine and lead yourself to more happiness through clarity and resourcefulness

Strengthen your relationship with your higher self and Guides of Light

Learn to align your gifts and healing energy to do the work of your heart

Align to your soul’s purpose to create a better avenue for your light work to shine in your every day life

Reduce or stop empathic or emotional overwhelm and become more open to receive, so you have more to give!

Change the way you relate to your body, physical reality, and emotional fear of lack based belief systems

Increase your awareness of God in the physical body and your introduction to healing the self through energy tools as well as practical how to’s to reduce cravings and fear based eating and thinking about health protocols

You may opt to choose areas of focus for this program such as Channeling, Body Health, Lightworker Syndrome to Lightworker Wellness, or more….

There is no perfectionism only progression in this program! Learn the importance of why you’re here, eliminate limitations, align with your purpose, and increase your abundance, health, emotional, and spiritual well-being!

Are You Ready to Uncover and Live Inside the Real Reason You’re Here?

***Payment plans available on a case by case basis

Gift Certificate for 1 Intuitive Angel Reading

One hour angel guidance and intuitive answers to your deepest questions and healing energy alignment.