Just A Quickie

This is useful if you want to engage with me on a specific topic or situation that is presently making you feel fear, worry, or overwhelmed and you would like the guidance of the Archangelic realm or other beings of light that can assist you on your path. It only takes a few minutes to write out your answer or to give you a voice message that takes you to another level of thinking about your situation and helps you to understand it from a place of clarity and compassion for who you are and what you are asking for.

This should be something specific and not general, a present moment issue would be best for this reading and introduces a new way to feel, think, and act upon your true emotions and awareness of it so it clears the way to let help in more efficiently. It will be accomplished over Facebook messenger or skype if you prefer, I will deliver the messages to you through voice recording or written message. I will determine which based upon the energy that suits us best. My facebook messenger handle is m.me/lauren.antuofermo and skype name is lauren.antuofermo. These readings are accomplished within 24 hours of ordering. If I am unable to connect with you due to device or tech issues I will give you your reading as an email attachment. Please be sure to fill in the appropriate email that you want to be contacted by in case this occurs.

If you are wanting to receive guidance on a variety of topics or need more in depth knowledge about your path then a one hour reading, birth chart session, or akashic record session would be best.

The Highly Attuned Lightworker Package

All the things that will help you on your journey to self development and awareness of your soul's evolutionary process and progress combined into one package. Save over $200 for these services. They are combined in such a way to help you acknowledge your soul gifts, use them with the highest realms of integration, and assist you on the path to the divine light within you. These are not about changing your energy field, it's about using your energy to increase the light that you hold in this time space reality and then integrating the highest potential for your soul's work. Useful for those of you that are on your own intuitive path and already know your gifts but want to learn more about using and integrating them into this life path that you chose.
1 - One Hour Intuitive Channeled Reading
1 - Intuitive Birth Chart Analysis
1 - Akashic Record reading
3 - 30 Minute Channeled Guidance Readings

Mentoring / Coaching

Coaching sessions and guidance are based around the methods that I developed with channeling and the intuitive guidance that comes with being a professional coach and teacher for more than 10 years. I live in the truth of my own intuitive processes and give you the right to your own awareness as I guide you through the principles of clarity, compassion, and joy for your solutions. These are easy to explain but hard to become aware of in the moment. So in our coaching we will set the intention to know, feel, and understand what it is that you want to accomplish your goals with and then work on integrating those things into your own abilities so that you don't relay on the intuition of others to tell you what to do but instead use your own guided sense of self from the perspective of the Source of Love that IS you in this time space reality.

Although simple in concept the struggle to maintain the weight of thinking that you need to improve what you do in order to get to a better place in your life thinks too much about what you are NOT doing right and you suffer the failure of what isn't happening yet in place of the joy of the processing of what is happening for you now.

I will adjust your energy field and give you real life practical solution based identity with how YOU feel so that you can know how to develop your own intuition and feel secure in your own attitudes towards health and well being.

The one thing that changes every client I work with is the fact that I don't downplay their worries or frustration but instead give them the ability to see themselves with value instead of fear or judgment. This alone is changing the lives of those that I work with, The skills that I teach from an interpretation of what YOU need at the time you need it only serve that which rises within you at the time. The more we develop the skill set to remove the beliefs stopping us from our own joyful receiving mode the better we are at choosing our own destiny and feeling more confident in it.

I have expertise in the areas of astrology, archetypal wisdom, energy management, and more. My skills as an intuitive channel and empathic healer reveals the space in which you become more aware of your divine light and heal yourself. I also teach on many subjects such as the Empath role in shifting the world to 5D reality, how the crystalline grid of Gaia is receiving our divine light energy body and how we can incorporate that into our awakened state, and what to do when the will of the divine pushes you out of your comfort zone without falling back into fear based strategies of the lack based belief systems that only hold the old codes of your existence here.

You are more than you've ever thought and less than you think, neither belief will get you anywhere until you learn the role of the heart in everything you do. Thank you and good day!

Coaching includes 12 one hour weekly or biweekly live video sessions with unlimited (within reason) Email or FB messaging throughout the week.

***Payment plans available on a case by case basis

Gift Certificate for 1 Intuitive Angel Reading

One hour angel guidance and intuitive answers to your deepest questions and healing energy alignment.