Inkspiration Beauty Bar


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1RL x 10pc

$ CAD25.00

1x LATEX no ink preprinted brows

$ CAD2.50
Great for microblading practice. No ink is needed for this latex. Use with clean blade alone. Pre printed brows for easy practice on the go.

1x Silicon skin for machine practice

$ CAD3.00
Soft silicon skin for machine practice.
Recommended for Powder Ombre brow practice.

3RL x 10pcs

$ CAD25.00

3RS x 10pcs

$ CAD30.00

Disposable 18pin Ublade with Sponge 10pcs

$ CAD78.00
10pcs sterile microblading pen with sponge applicator for masking the brows.
Prices in CAD shipping included.

Needle Bundle 30pcs - 1RL,3RL,3RS

$ CAD80.00
10pcs 1RL
10pcs 3RL
10pcs 3RS

TKTX numbing cream

$ CAD40.00
Numb for 15min prior to procedure. Client will feel no pain. Product purchase is for students only.