Patient Treatment Packages

Infrared Sauna Package x 4 Sessions Includes Free Induction session

This service is for existing patients only.

Benefits of using an Infared Sauna at the clinic

- A dry sauna heats the body not the air so it more efficient.
- Wet saunas can aggravate some respiratory conditions, Dry Sauna are more tolerable
- Infared light reaches deeper into the body than heat, so it helps to relax the muscles and seems to benefit the
joints too.
- The process of sweating help to eliminate waste form the skin. Some people don’t like to sweat so this is a
really good method for cleansing the body.
- Regular opening of the skin pores in TCM helps to remove toxins and excessive heat which could benefit
general aches in the body.
- Infared heat works longer than latent or ambient heat so you stay warmer for longer.
- Expels cold in the body. If you are one of those that feels the cold often then a dry sauna could help you ward
off the feeling of cold.
- Dry heat therapy may help relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint aches, internal dampness (TCM)
feelings or coldness, poor circulation, muscles pain