Readings By Anthony

Package of 4- 1 hour Spiritual Mentoring and Development Sessions.

If you feel you would like to explore and develop your own Intuitive or psychic abilities, Anthony offers one on one mentoring sessions. These sessions go beyond just connecting to spirit; he can show you how to manifest the highest possibilities in your life and in this world. This offer can also be set up as emotional counseling to reduce the influence of the mind and connect with the joy that you are. If you wish to begin to know who and what you are beyond the name and body that you were given in this lifetime, connect with the oneness, or start to develop a relationship with your guides and angels, then this could be right for you. (Saves $40 over buying individual sessions) You will be given a code and a link to schedule your sessions as you go. This package is recommended for those who have already had at least one mentoring session with Anthony before.