$35 Gift Certificate: Admit One: A Gesture of Affection

Useful as part of a larger booking. Does not really get much on its own. Much like french fries. Valued at $35.00, good towards a booking of The Floor is Lava or The Parlour.

$50 Gift Certificate: The “This should be enough for ‘em”

Useful as part of a larger booking. Does not really get much on its own, (about half of a 2 to 3 player Parlour session) but can be applied to any other larger booking, and nobody is going to call you cheap for spending $50 on a gift card. I mean, come on: it’s $50. You did your part.

$105 Gift Certificate: Admit Two or Three to The Parlour

An excellent way to say “I love the idea of you being trapped in a room and panicking” to somebody special. Please realize that we charge a team of two the same as a team of three, hence why both work. May also be applied to a Floor is Lava Booking.

$140 Gift Certificate: Admit Four to The Parlour

The amount that says “I actually care about my loved ones and want them to bring friends with them so that when they panic and fail, that they can go drink with friends afterwards.” This is the choice that you should pick if you have no idea who we are or what we do. We’ll sort it out. (Value applicable to any purchase)

$175 Gift Certificate : Admit Five to The Parlour

The amount that says that you have a very specific cast of people in mind that you wish to visit The Parlour. What else do you have planned for them? Dinner? Perhaps a show? Murder? I hope not. If you want to do murder, you should have them do our lava game instead. (Value also valid towards The Floor is Lava)

$210 Gift Certificate : Admit Six to The Parlour (Or 7 to The Floor is Lava)

The amount that says that you are very very generous and/or have a lot of friends or loved ones that you need to bribe. This amount is good for either a full 6-player team of The Parlour or the smallest possible group of The Floor is Lava. Either way, you should be set for at least another year or so of thank-yous from the recipient after giving out a certificate like this one.