2 CD SET: Rapid Relief for the Running Mind - Comforting Scripture Audio

Rapid Relief for the Running Mind is a 2 CD Set with an accompaining booklet. The purpose of this resource is to give you eight quick strategies to help when you are in the midst of an obsessive, anxious, fearful, worried, irrational moment. Those times when you know you are not thinking straight but can’t seem to break the cycle. The first CD is the eight strategies and the second CD is a scripture verse CD. This CD is just comforting scripture set to background of soft music. It’s amazing what the Word of God can do to comfort your soul. If you are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Obsessiveness, fear or Worry, this package is for you.

5 CD SERIES: Biblical Solutions to Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Fear

Have you struggles with depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsive thoughts? Do you worry about everything or not care about anything? Do you live in such stress and fear that your body feels like you are dying? Then this is the CD series for you. In this 5 CD set, you will be able to look at your issues from a biblical perspective. You will also get biblical solutions! This series will give you a hope that you have been looking for. Tom Nelson, of Denton Bible Church and national marriage conference speaker, shares his story of depression and anxiety as well as other who have been there. You’re not crazy or going crazy, it just feels like it. Learn practical ways to overcome your emotional distress doing it God’s way! This set includes over 4 hours of help on 5 CD’s. Each CD also has inspirational music at the end by Jim Anthony. CD 1: A Basic understanding and biblical approach to emotional Distress with Steve Leavitt and guest Jim Anthony. CD 2: A biblical look at anxiety, stress, fear, worry and panic attacks with Steve Leavitt. CD 3: A biblical look at depression, anxiety and emotional Distress with Steve Leavitt and guest Tommy Nelson. CD 4: A biblical look at obsessiveness, obsessive compulsive disorder and perfectionism with Steve Leavitt and guest Buddy Vaughn. CD 5: Biblical steps and solutions to emotional distress with Steve Leavitt.

5 CD SET: Biblical Solutions to Parenting

Five Disc Series: Disc 1: Parenting God’s Way, Disc 2: Parenting With Discipline and Without Anger, Disc 3: Parenting Without Anger, Disc 4: Discovering Your Child’s Love Language, Disc 5: A Biblical Worldview. If your children are not where you want them to be, listen to this series and change the way you parent forever.

BOOK: Walking on Water by Steve Leavitt

Today more people than ever are suffering from emotional distress. Whether they are dealing with depression, anxiety, obsessiveness, fear, worry, or stress, their lives are limited and compromised by the ill-effects. People who suffer from emotional distress often feel isolated and unloved, either by God or by others, and often believe that there is no hope and no way out. But there is! Steve walks you through his personal and professional experience in this arena to help you overcome your situation!

DVD SET: Biblical Romance (with Study Guide)

This 6 session DVD set with study guide goes through the Song of Solomon from dating to engagement to sex in marriage and how to grow old together. Perfect for couples to enhance their intimacy and for bible study groups or mentoring relationships.