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Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage, By Corie Weathers, LPC

Corie's book Sacred Spaces, My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage by Corie Weathers. Please include shipping address in order.


Couples STRENGTHS Package

A Couple's Strengths Coaching Program
Get 10 % off sessions booked with Corie Weathers when you book a 5 session package. The Power of Us walks couples through the journey of discovering their strengths so they can be the powerful team they always envisioned but haven’t been able to achieve on their own. Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, couples will be paired with one of our strengths-based clinicians that will help them individually understand how they are uniquely talented to relate to others, make decisions, and accomplish tasks. The program includes:

2 Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessments
5 strengths-based coaching sessions
Individual understanding of their results
Mapping the “Couple Identity” and application to parenting, teamwork, conflict management, and communication strategies.
A “Power of Us” Workbook
A FREE personalized “Power of Us” printable graphic with the couple’s individual strengths.

5 Session Coaching Package

Get 10% off by purchasing 5 sessions in bulk. After your purchase, you will get a code that you can use 5 times for coaching sessions with Corie Weathers, LPC.